Date: 27th Jan 2011 Venue: Capital Hall, Darjeeling

This fest was the first event hosted by Darjeeling-Metal-legion Crew but it was never easy to host this particular show as it’s been a while (5-6 years) since Darjeeling had a Metal show of this magnitude, comprising bands from other parts of South Asia, because of some political disorder within the state. Well, despite the challenges the DML crew did tremendously well.


Having seen the venue a day before I had a slight idea of what to expect!! This particular Hall has a reputation of being the CULT venue for metal gigs in Darjeeling and why not? It has that eerie aura to it that just serves right to the occult and mystic feeling that Metal hold within it. I was later told that the hall is haunted and many wouldn’t dare to visit the place even in the day light! Excellent!!!

The show started a bit late as most of the gig here in Nepal but the zeal to witness three new bands was already taking me by storm and it was almost unbearable out of excitement/expectation at one point. But thankfully the show finally started.

2 point 4 three:

The show was opened by 4 point 2 three, a local new and rising band. The band started brilliantly having recently won a music competition in Siliguri. The band lashed out some impressive originals and ended their set with Phobia by the legendary KREATOR. This particular band though has lots of room for improvement, has a lot of potential aswell as the band contains really talented young musicians. The drum and bass solos inserted in between their set were impressive and the crowd seemed to really enjoyed that.


DMS was a late inclusion in the lineup but a good one. This band is another interesting act to look forward to in the future. The band looked slightly nervous before their set as it was their first show in more than seven months but as soon as they took over the stage it never looked that they were far from the centre stage for such a long time. Animesh, the front man especially impresses with the energy that he possess while he performs.


Well, this was Narsamhaar’s first show out of Nepal and the band was really excited to perform at an unknown territory. It was also interesting, for me, to see if they could perform with the same amount of power and energy that they always perform here in local gigs and yes they did exactly that. This band is fast evolving as a major force to be reckoned with. Their set was as brutal as any of their former shows and the audiences seem to really appreciate the OLD SKOOL Death Metal that they play. The band lashed out five OC’s including their latest offering ‘Ma Marchu Talai’ and ended their set with the epic ‘Raining Blood’ with the crowd going berserk.


DHISHTI is a Sri Lankan DBM band. This show was a part of their ‘Meditation of Death’ tour in India. I had a huge expectation from this band and honestly they did not let me down. The band is backed by these incredible vocals of Jayakodi that just completely justifies the kind of depressive sound that they create. They did a mix set of covers and originals and the crowd just couldn’t get enough of them. The gloomy and cold day outside also complimented their set.



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