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Helo Austin. Thank you for your time. What’s up with ED lately?

Well, we’ve just been writing a new album lately. We have 8 songs written so far, and getting closer to being ready for recording. This would be our 3rd full length with the same lineup so we’re pretty proud of ourselves in that regard. We also signed a management deal with EMG (Extreme management Group) so we’re hoping to get on some tours hopefully world tours so we’ll see.

How do you define the kind of sound that the band plays?

Experimental Death Grind with lyrics that are centered around conspiracy theories. Nowadays, we like bands like Gorguts, Spastic Ink, Spawn Of Possession, Blotted Science, Animals As Leaders, Al Dimeola, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and also other forms of music like jazz, dubstep, rock, etc. We like to incorporate all of the  influences into our sound, but without copying the formula. We like to think we have an original sound that sets us apart from most DM bands.

The band has three releases (2 full lengths and one Ep) and a split so far. How do you think the band and you as a whole has evolved during the span of these releases?

We just try to stay open minded. The 4 of us all write material for this band so the sound is constantly changing. A song may consist of 8 riffs in which each person has submitted 2 riffs/sections for the song. So depending on who wrote the riff, it will always evolve in sound and approach.  I think nowadays our sound has become less restrictive. We used to be like “Deathgrind or nothing”, but now we try to have an open mind to different types of sounds, all the while still maintaining the brutal sound that our fans depend on.

Beheaded by Volition, the 1st Ep was widely accepted by everyone. It was more like ED making a statement of their arrival. How important do you think is first release for any band?

It’s important to make a solid impact at first  to let people know that you’re not fucking around. We wanted something fast, brutal, and yet crystal clear in production. Juan Urteaga (VILE vocalist) engineered that album and had a lot to do with the sound of that release. He made sure we were playing to our full potential and as a result a lot of people liked it. So ya, it had a lot to do with our first initial success. It definitely counts when you have a clean over the top recording. Never settle for crap haha.

Austin, you were assigned as a bassist first but with the departure of the previous vocalist you took over as a replacement vocalist along with the bass duties. Wasn’t this hard for you to perform dual role?

Ya it was a tough role to take on at first but after a while I got used to it. After the departure of Johnny we all decided that instead of finding a replacement it would be better to utilize our own vocal skills. We all tried it at first and decided that I was the man for the job. We like it better that way. We don’t like it when the front man finishes the show, sticks his microphone in his pocket, and proceeds to get drunk. Vocalists almost never carry any gear and usually end up with a big head. No offense to the role model vocalists, maybe we could just never find a good vocalist. I think playing an instrument keeps me away from that sort of rockstar world though, I guess.

Did that departure brought any significant changes to the band or what does a departure of any band members bring to the sound of the band?

Oh ya it helped us develop a new sound entirely. I immediately wanted to ditch the gore based lyrics that Johnny had and start writing in a new direction. The lyrical approach ended up being based on random conspiracy theories, with the main subject of Reptilian humanoids ruling the world. A concept that was based on a theory by a man named David Icke. We love what David Icke has done for the conspiracy community and so we decided to advocate his message through our music. Along with that came a new approach in sound as well…we tried to write riffs that sounded alien and unworldly

What is the normal song writing/composing process of the band like?

We all write and submit riffs. We keep the good ones and trash the shitty ones. I like to record my song ideas with my 16 track and a hand sonic drum pad. I play all the parts and hand a finished cd to the band for review. The rest of the band produces, changes, and manipulates the riffs and ideas until we all collectively agree on which riffs to keep, and the structure of the song. Then Luke our drummer has the almost impossible task of playing drums to our twisted fucked up ideas haha.

What’s more fun, tours or studios?

Tours for sure. It’s nice playing for a different crowd each night and showcasing the sound to people who have never heard us before. We get to meet all sorts of interesting people and make connections for our band along the way. At first I used to party and drink alcohol every night, but that soon wore me down but now when I tour I like to eat healthy foods, take vitamins, exercise…anything I can do to not get sick on tour because when you have to play a show with a fever, it’s not fun anymore or if you have to hug a toilet the next day from binge drinking…not fun haha.

Austin, tell us what is band’s ambition at the point of time?

To take this band as far as we can, record more albums, and not die out. We want to tour with bigger bands; we want to be on a  major label someday. I want our videos played on Television….that sort of thing. Suffocation is doing it, Cannibal Corpse is, and a string of others. I hope to, someday, be on that level. We love extreme music, we love the culture, we love metal! We just hope to keep doing it for as long as we can!

Any things that the fans should look forward to in the near future?

Well we want to do some worldwide touring. So I’d say to keep a look out for us in 2012. We have 8 new songs that we need to record as well. So at some point expect a new album. The 4 of us all own houses and live within a 1 mile radius of each other so we won’t be giving up anytime soon.  We’ve been through hell and back together and have defeated every fucking band drama issue known to man. We’re soldiers ready for the onslaught….send us into battle – we await the moment to destroy alongside bigger bands and roll with some heavy artillery.

Well thank you for your time again. Any last shout outs?

Please buy some merch at http://www.embryonicdevourment.com – every bit of money will go to recording our next release, so please help the cause.


                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Zivon Gurung


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