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Well, amid much speculation, doubts and expectations the Mayhem was finally set unleashed upon the Nepalese on March 17th. It was an important event in many ways but the most important one would have to be the door it has opened for future such events. Kudos to Defenders of Metal.

The gig day: The day was sunny but there was rain forecast for the evening but I was little surprise not to see any stage cover up for the same but it did not rain so nevermind.  The stage looked good and the sound and lights looked good too. The crowd was pouring up slowly. I just couldn’t wait for the show to get started and it finally did. Yeah!!

2 Point 4 Three:

Quite frankly I really didn’t know or heard about this band prior to the show, so I really didn’t know what to expect. They played a mixture of genres and got some mixed response from the crowd. The bassist was impressive though and the band seemed to enjoyed their performance to the fullest.


Narsamhar is a Death Metal band from Pokhara, Nepal. The expectation was high from them and I swear to god, didn’t they set the stage on fire? Very raw and powerful, that’s how I would like to describe these young quintets. Some traces of grindcore elements could also be seen on their songs. They played five songs and were able to bind the audiences together. They also receive an encore from the crowd and played ‘Narbhakshi Khukuri’ twice. Awesome band.


They blew the stage. No more comments. Now, let’s just move to our next band.


Grimmortals is a deathcore band from India. They sounded good and tight. The frontman’s continuously chanted ‘ Indian Poliitics Sucks’ never knowing Nepali politicks sucks as much! Enjoyed their set too. The band seems promising.


Arsames, in their own word, is an ancient Persian Death Metal band. When they started their sound was hardly bearable. The guitar solos were not audible at all but thankfully it got better from the 2nd song. Talking about the band, they put up a good show with crowd cheering and headbanging but I personally found their set too lengthy and I just couldn’t understand why they would do 3-4 cover songs. The vocal was powerful and the drums and guitars complimented well but the bassist seem alienated and lost.


Well, the moment had finally arrived. The crowd was anxious and chanting NAPALM DEATH, NAPALM DEATH and when Shane, Mitch and Danny walked on the stage everyone went wild in joy. I just couldn’t believe I was actually looking at the legends right infront of me. They started their show with ‘Circumspect’, a short instrumental intro and then the MAN, Barney walked right up on the stage and lashed ‘Errors in the Signal’. Phew.  Thirty years down the line but the energy is still the same. I was totally amazed with his running and ranting throughout their set. I was in a state of total hypnotism.

They played almost all my fav songs from Utilitarian (Analysis Paralysis, Errors in the signals, the wolf I feed) though I was waiting for Collision Course too!! At some point during their set Barney went ‘everyone are talking about freedom in religion but we want freedom from religion’ this particular statement struck me so hard that it is still roaming around my head!! Fwak. Just when the night was at its craziest moment the awful announcement that the swine cops are forcing the event to stop made everyone disappointed but Barney was quick to dedicate the next track to the Police. The track was ‘You Suffer’. \m/. Sadly, with more intervention from the pig cops the band had to shorten their set. The last song that the band played was ‘SCUM’. I could see everyone going wild. Epic, fucking epic stuff!!


Defenders of Metal did extremely well to put on such a huge event in such a short duration. Hats off to them. History was created and people will remember this for a long long time!



-The event was hosted in a very short notice maybe that’s why there was not as many people as we would have wanted nevertheless the turn out was great.

-The sound engineer for the bands excluding Napalm death was not upto the standard that this sort of  big events demands.

-The Garud securities showed some really unprofessional behaviors and let people in for just Rs100 towards the end of the show and this without the consent of the organizers. This was just not fair to those who paid a hefty sum of Rs 1000 for the show.


-Siris Thapa for BRUTAL POKHARA



  1. prabesh gurung · · Reply

    must be written by a metal head….. cool one….. jai metal….

    1. Yes, by our utterly professional writers! 😛

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