SHANNON SCAM: Hardcore Raising

Shannon Scam is a Hardcore Band (previously Scremo Punk) making lots of waves these days in the hardcore scenario of Nepal.  The band has survived many lineup changes till date but still the band is stronger than ever before.                                                                                                                We caught up with the band to talk about the hardcore scene, shows, the band and their plans.



SS recently performed in the Brutal Blasphemy far as i’m concernd shannon scam alongside overcome were the 1st hardcore band to perform here in Pokhara.
how does that feel?also,how was the overall experience?
– We guess, the sound and the whole environment of hardcore dance was something fresh to the crowd and we felt  we delivered something new to look out for! Most of’em enjoyed, few didn’t understood! But we had an awesome good time sharing stage with Narshamhaar, Alien Gods and our home boys Overcome.
Personally [Asis] used to be in a Pokhara based Death/Thrash band ‘Dead Humanity’ around 2005/2006. And being on stage again and playing hometown after years was overwhelming
experience. Thanx for having us.

Give us a brief intro of the band. You guys have been in the scene for quite a while now.
– Shannon Scam was formed way back around 2003 by Balesh- guitar+vocals, Santosh- Bass and George – Drums. Along the way there were several line-up changes. Few years after formation, Sajan came in for
drums, Sudip on Bass. Gradually, Biplop took over vocals and Asim on bass. The current line-up is Balesh on Guitars, Sajan on Drums, Rupen is on bass and  Asis on vocals.
How’s the hardcore scene in ktm? Also, would you  mind enlightening us about OVC Nepal.

      – The hardcore scene out here is small but have people with lots of integrity and passion and we find that among the crowd that comes to our shows. All the moshing, dives, slam dance and pogo just pumps us up seeing them when we’re on stage. They might even get hurt but they express the excitement, anger, and lots of devotion towards hardcore/punk music, gives hand to the one falls down in the pit and connect each other with friendship and have a good time , which is a great feeling to be part of!
It rather be this way than being a big scene with people who doesn’t understand what the fuck it’s all about!

OVC [One VOice Crew Nepal] are a bunch of like-minded people who are into hardcore/punk music and have a sole purpose to support hardcore/punk bands by putting on gigs. It has just been
started out here and planning on Hardcore Fest, merchandising for bands and social awareness programs in the coming days. The HQ for OVC is Singapore/Malaysia and it is operated around
several countries in Asia and Europe.

You’ve also done a split with Jugaa and one with a Japanese band. How did that came out?

– Jugaa were an old friends and they’d put out a record and were the only band around who shared our choice of music. So, we decided to do an split and released it independently. And David Enemy from Everybody’s Enemy , a hardcore band from Japan was Asim [former bass player] friend and he sort of liked what was going around with Shannon Scam and asked us if we want to do a split together. We thought it would be interesting and put it out.

What’s your philosophy behind the term hardcore?

– For us, hardcore means staying true to what we believe in, sticking to our roots. It is beyond music. Life, struggle, people, every single thing around us is what we relate to and express ourselves through music. that’s hardcore, atleast for us! 🙂

We can see the band has changed its genre from being a Punk outfit to more hardcore these days? What’s the ‘cause? Is it because of the change in line ups?

– Well, Shannon Scam did started with screamo/punk band. It had been a long time since we were doing punk stuff, maybe it all evolved during the course of time. But, the raw energy
was always there. When we sat up with the current lineup for taking Shannon Scam ahead, everything came right into place. Everybody in the band wanted to do hardcore and fell spot on.
There are not much hardcore things happening in Pokhara right now. Anything you want to suggest to the new bands willing to do some hardcore here?

  – Go way down to the roots, from where it all started, educate yourself, express yourself with honesty and integrity. Stick true to what you believe in, be yourself and don’t forget to have fun!

We can see lots of Punk/HC gigs are happening these days.                                                                                                                                                              – Last couple of months has been a great start for hardcore/punk music. We feel there’s a whole lot of excitement among the bands and the crowd. People are actually starting to come out
and have fun at the gigs and support the whole movement. The scene is small compared to other music scene in general but
there’s a lot of positive vibe going around and feels like hardcore/punk is now here to stay!

Any EP, Splits on the way?
– We’re having fun playing gigs these days. But, we’re planning to hit the studio around the end of this year for an EP.

Lastly any shout outs, words, messages? Put in on.
– A big shout out to Dinesh Pun [Narshamhaar] for strap, cables, being there in the pit and kicking hard, Subin Gurung, Guys from Pokhara Musical House, Humty Dumty [ Lake side], and all our boys from Pokhara, thanks for sticking around and being there! We’ll come down again, soon!
Respect to Brutal Pokhara for standing out and building up the scene out there. And huge thanks for having us in Baptism Blashemy gig and for all the support. Keep it real, keep it hard! Much love and respect!

-Sandeep Gurung

Check out the band here.

For more check out BRUTAL POKHARA.


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