SLAYER Now Have Nine New Songs Written; EP On The Way

I love the internet because it allows me to keep up with bands every step of the way. Take for example Slayer, um, sorry…SLAAAAYYYYYEEEEERRRRRR. In early February, we learned they had just started writing new materials, and had three songs written. In late February, that was beefed up to seven songs. Now, almost a month later, according to a new interview with drummer Dave Lombardo (done by the, the song count is up to nine:

The Nervous Breakdown: So what’s happening with SLAYER?

Lombardo: Writing new music. Kerry [King, guitar] and I are writing new material. We have nine songs and everything’s moving forward.

The Nervous Breakdown: What does it sound like so far?


The Nervous Breakdown: So old-school fans will be happy?

Lombardo: Traditional fans will be pacified and non-traditional fans will be like, “Again?”

The Nervous Breakdown: Any estimation when the album could see the light of day?

Lombardo: I don’t know, but we’re going to do a three- or four-song EP to keep the fans pacified until we come out with the full-length record. Kind of like what we did with “Psycopathy Red”, which was like a two-song 45.




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