WHITE: Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll.



WHITE is SEX, DRUGS N’ ROCK N’ ROLL.  The band plays a mixture of Prog-Rock/Metal and is fast evolving as a major force, within the scene, that is just too hard to ignore for anyone.  

We caught up with the band for a short chat. Here’s how it went.

(interview originally published  on BRUTAL POKHARA Emag)

Hails from Brutal Pokhara!!
ANIL: You are welcome.

White is creating lots of waves these days in such a short span. Congratulation for that! Just for the sake of formality since you are a new band tell the listeners and the readers about the kind of music that WHITE plays!

ANIL: At 1st thank you guys for giving us platform and place in your e-mag. Actually white follows a different so different that we haven’t figured it ourselves but we like to call it heavy progressive experimental music .

How did the band come into existence?

ANIL: Actually one day I met two guys jamming with drum (Sahil) and bass (Nischal). They asked me to jam with them and as I started to jam I played my original solo stuffs and they instantly liked it and started giving me company or backed me while I was doing my things with my guitar. Actually while practicing solos stuff I composed one song titled ‘SEX’. Then I called upon my brother Susant to fill up the vocals in that song after vocal were filled it sounded great then we started composing new songs like kamasutra, Happy grass, Sex in nature, Leather gun, don etc.

 You are also involved with Vhumi and E.quals and now with White. The diversity in the genres is quite clear. What makes you experiment with all these sounds/genres?

ANIL: Actually I’m a musician and in my view being musician we should be able to play every kind of music like blues, jazz, metal , rock, punk and any other genre and actually my devotion in music make me experiment with all these sounds/genre.

Tell us about the whole DRUGS, SEX and ROCK n ROLL stuffs. The songs ‘Kamasutra’ and ‘Sex’ gives us slight evident of the lyrical content of the band. Is White a PG 13 band? 😀

ANIL: Hahaha I’m gonna answer you about drug sex n rock
n roll but for the 2nd question I would pass it to vocalist Susant. In my opinion every band should have one theme like ours is drug, sex and rock n roll. We just want to give messages,
messages about the bad effects of drugs. Sex in our country is still a big taboo and people feel shy talking about it, so we talk about it lyrically and about rock n roll I don’t think I’ve to say anything ‘cause it’s everywhere. And what do you mean by a PG 13 band? Does it mean pornographic band?

SUSHANT BISTA: No, it’s not (PG13). Our country is a free country, so every child grows up with their own freedom. Here, parents can’t investigate our stuffs to make their children aware. A child can discover our things from any sources like internet, magazines, and radios and mostly from their own school friend circles, so it’s almost impossible for parents to go through all these stuffs and avoid their children from listening to our songs. It depends upon the children as well. Some may like it and some may not and those who like it they will surely give attention in music rather than lyrics and parental guide 13(PG 13) must be in every things like school, internet and every media.

What exactly inspires the White’s music?  

ANIL: About inspiration ahhhhhh………. to create music inspiration is necessary but in white’s music while composing I don’t see any inspiration from other band, it’s totally different.

Thanks for the interview. We hope to see White performing in front of Pokhreli crowd soon. That would be great! Any last shout outs?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ANIL: Ones again thank you guys for giving us the platform and place in your e-mag. Hope you guys will do better and promote music scene not only in Pokhara but in whole Nepal and we love Pokhreli crowd and the bands there, they are too good and friendly, we are really excited to come to Pokhara as soon as possible.


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