BILOCATE hails from Jordan and they like to describe their music as Dark Oriental Metal.Within a short span of time BILOCATE has made quite an impression for themselves.Currently the band is busy working on their new release ‘Summoning the bygones’ that also features Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Opeth etc) so watch out for these Mid-Eastern giants:

Hails from BRUTAL POKHARA. Please explain BILOCATE’s sound to all those who are not aware of the kind of Music that you play.

Waseem Essayed; Thank you for being interested to know more about BILOCATE, well, we have 6 members engaged in the composing process, in a very systematic way, and each member comes from a different musical background and preference, thus, you can sense the diversity in BILOCATE’s writings, however, this wouldn’t actually infer looseness in the result, it would rather be highlighted as means to having a deep dialogue with the listeners, because as I said, it’s varies in origin but it’s well-formed as an outcome, now, more in depth, we tend to focus more on dark music, and since we come from Middle East we like the idea of combining dark music with oriental touches, it’s pretty much like presenting oriental music (which is regularly “Sad”) in a new outfit that is “Dark”, and this has to do with modifying the tones patterns, and this is how we maintain the new Metal sub-genre we founded which is Dark Oriental Metal.From a sound point-of-view, BILOCATE’s sound is actually derived from the over all style, which is basically more epic, but, we prefer to also present it for the audience as rich sounding, thanks to the great efforts from Jens Bogren, and I believe it suits us very well.

What inspires Bilocate’s music? Is there any certain philosophy/vision that the band follows while writing music?

Waseem Essayed; The region we live in is quite an inspiration by itself, it’s a very complicated place, full of emotions, struggle, history, religion, agony and hope, so you can see there’s a mix of concepts here, I would also add Life and Death as 2 interesting concepts to me, and all the members in the band understand the existence of these things in our lives and they react to them with music and words, if you combine what’s been said here along with the Dark Oriental Metal philosophy I believe you’ll be having a very good answer for this question.

The band has released two albums so far, Dysphoria and Sudden Death Syndrome. How have the people taken these two releases?The track off the 1st release ‘A desire to leave’ got lots of appreciation. Tell us how it happened.

Hani Alabbadi; We had an extreme positive feedback. People loved Sudden death syndrome, critics and fans enjoyed every bit of it, the album was labeled as one of the Top Lasting Albums in 2008 by, Nominated for the best doom Album in Metal Storm Award 2008, currently in the 100 album of all times by metal storm and not to mentioned more than 70 rave reviews we had, people can refer to our Facebook /myspace for reference.Now this impact had a positive way of appreciation for our work, yet with it comes a responsibility to offer something on a higher level than the previous releases, which I’m confident fans will notice in the upcoming release, Summoning the bygones, so behold.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ramzi Essayed: A Desire to leave is one of the most atmospheric tracks we composed till date and the fact that it is the longest track ever recorded and composed by a band from the middle made it even more powerful, the track is 20 mins long a full of different musical passages from death metal to doom metal to melodic death parts… clean and harsh vocals, lead and backing keyboards, we consider it as an album by it self this is why in the new album Summoning the Bygones we divided the track into 3 parts.

A new Bilocate release is on its way, ‘Summoning the bygones’, what should the fans expect from the release?

Ramzi Essayed; Summoning the Bygones is an old vision with a totally new arrangement, we took the tracks and rewrote many parts of the music and lyrics from scratch but kept the same old spirit that everyone enjoyed in Dysphoria. The album will remind our fans of what we’ve given them before but they will surly feel the change. It has many passages and will carry you onto a heavy, fast, dark oriental metal journey, the production and mastering of Summoning the bygones were done in a very high level by one of the best producers in the world Jens Bogren, so it gave the album the impact it deserves. Not to mention working with the metal icon Dan Swano, this collaboration took the album to another much higher level.

And what’s your expectation from this release?

Ramzi Essayed: Our expectations are high. The album is simple, perfect from all angles and we feel our fans and media will appreciate it as much as we do and it will meet what expected from Bilocate after the masterpiece “Sudden Death Syndrome”.

On the new release the band has also worked with Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Opeth, Bloodbath etc). How did it turned out working with him?

Ramzi Essayed; Crimson I and II have been on our top list for years, Dan’s work in all of his projects always amazed BILOCATE and when the idea started in Jan 2011 we were confident that Dan will enjoy the music and work with us, his contribution on vocals gave another taste to the album, the outcome is a pure dark musical journey. Just cant wait to share it with our fans

How does it feel after releasing 2 albums, gigs and collaborating/working with different people from different places ?What’s the band ambition at this point of time?

Hani Al – Abbadi; to look and move forward and push the boundaries on all levels, from music to live performance, looking back on what we have achieved with the little or  almost no support (excluding fans and friends) we’ve managed to come so far using our own resources and own hard earned money. It wasn’t an easy ride but I personally enjoyed every bit of it, the ups and downs.

We’re currently working on new material and already a new song has been composed and couple of lyrics has been written, so the stream is still flowing and stronger than ever.

Looking back I want to thank everyone who’s contributed to our success from Fans and the people we’ve worked with, I personally send you my darkest regards.

Bilocate hails from Jordan. What’s the Metal scene like in there?

Hani Al – Abbadi; Recently I’ve started to notice that bands have started to emerge here. Bands like: Bouq and Tyrant throne, Ajdath and many more, which I highly recommend to any fans of the extreme and skull crashing music. So things are quite promising for the new emerging bands. The list of bands in Jordan and the Middle East can be found here; Now to the darker and lowly side, the live shows for the extreme music doesn’t exist at all, so imagine being a musician and not being able to perform in your own country!

Any more things that we should look forward to apart from the album release?

Hani Al – Abbadi; yes, We will be taking our musical career into a higher and more professional level in terms of handling the bands affairs etc more news will be posted, so keep your ears ready.

Well thank you for your time. We wish all the best for ‘Summoning the Bygones’. Any last shout outs?

Hani Al – Abbadi; thanks for this interview, hopefully your readers will have a better insight over Bilocate past and present and see where we’re heading towards.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell all the young talents to keep the believe no matter what the suppression and the up & downs you might face. Keep looking forward, as sometimes the success is round the corner so just keep the beleive.

-Zivon Gurung

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BILOCATE live in Istanbul:






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