Dei Tetra is the front runner of the second wave of Thai Black Metal revolution. Fronted by charismatic female vocalist Ashitra the band is something to look forward to!



What’s up with the band lately? Anything that we should look forward to?

Greetings. We’re good. After many shows for the past year after we released our EP, we realized that we need to work more on our music. We’re currently working on our new materials. The writing of new songs is going on well. The fans will be inspired by our pure black metal art.

The band plays a very distinctly aggressive black metal. What are the influencing factors of the band’s sound?
To be honest, we are not musicians who just sit down and listen to music to get inspiration from the older bands. We read a lot and we practice as a band very often. We share thoughts and opinions regarding our musical themes and lyrical concepts. I think the influences come from ourselves. Because we share the same perspectives for black metal, our work of course tend to have unique and distinct sound.

Talking about influences, what is black metal to DEI TETRA? How do you guys take this genre?

We take black metal as a mixture of musical art and literature. Our theme is the spiritual inspiration for the readers who share the same perspectives. We don’t burn churches and we don’t wear black t-shirts with boots all the time. Unlike other genre, black metal is more than metal music. We take our work seriously. As I mentioned before, we read a lot. By studying the history of mankind, we know that there are things that people around the world are not aware of. The arrogance and ignorance of mankind has been shaping this society into something the band is going against.

What’s your take on Christianity?

Well our theme is about Satanism and anti-christianity propaganda. But we are not going to burn churches, bibles or holy crosses. It’s stupid. We do not support the idea of how Christianity is being taught in some places. Because of Christians are ignorant, we need to show the world another side of Christianity which most of the people cannot see.

Do you think religions are necessary?
This depends on how you interpret Satanism. To some people, Spiritual Satanism (SS) is not a religion, but a form of teaching of life. They claimed that SS is a branch of philosophy, similar to Confucianism. You do not have to believe in any god to survive. With or without god, life moves on. Religions are used as a form of law in the past. We don’t need a law that forces us to believe in something anymore. If you think that Satanism is truly a religion, then it is necessary to wipe out every traces of Christianity.

Where do you think the whole BM genre is heading to these days?

Black metal is evolving and moving in every direction. Now you can see that black metal is also a business. Bands like Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem invested thousands of euros for a small part of their works. I have to admit that Paganism and Satanism are forms of black metal business. The percentage of devoted Satanists in black metal industry drops gradually. Many of them think that by painting their faces and wear gauntlets filled with nails will make them ‘black metal’. The image of black metal sells; this is why many bands do not give a fuck about the truth about Satanism.

The band is fronted by Countess Asithara, How easy or hard is it to have a lady doing the vocals duties in a BM band?

Asithara works with the band very well. She is one of the most active members of the band. Being a Satanist, she understands the concepts and she is the best female vocalist that we actually came across. I think she is also the icon that represents Dei Tetra.

The band released couple of demos before finally coming out with an Ep EL FUEGO. How was the response to these releases?
The response was much better than we expected. We had labels and distributors which help to distribute our work in many parts of the world. For those who would like to grab a copy of our work, you can contact Undead Propaganda Records (Sweden), Heavy Metal Tribune (Singapore) and Vampyric Heritage Distro (Spain).

How are the record companies treating you?

We received good feedbacks from many underground labels and distributors. We are releasing our next album with Baphomet Moon Productions from Sweden. We are having good communications; they support us in every way. Unfortunately, the release has to be push back due to our recording problems.

Any Ep/LP to look forward to?

Well, we are collaborating with Baphomet Moon Productions (Sweden) for our next release. It is going to be faster and more aggressive. We are looking for a label that we together can work on EP or LP release. We are looking out for labels that understand and support our church-burning black metal work.

We wish you all the best. Any last shout outs?

We would like to thank those who have been showing support. We are recording right now and the new release will be out very soon. Please support the asian black metal and join the propaganda against Christianity.

– Zivon Gurung


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