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Five Questions

So here’s the first official episode of “Five Questions” where I ask the same Five Questions to five people from the music scenes of five different countries. On this first episode we have people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and U.S.A. Official soundtrack for this post is Toxic Holocaust’s Send them to Hell, since that’s what I’m listening to right now.

1. Introduce yourself. 

It’s Reza from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the Vocalist of a Thrash Metal band called Nuclear Winter. 

Hey I’m Waleed Ahmed, the Vocalist, Guitarist, bassist and the producer of the Pakistani progressive death metal band DIONYSUS along with two other members Sheraz Ahmed (guitar/drums) and Umair Ahmed (guitar). 

I am Zivon Gurung from Pokhara, Nepal. Can’t say I am a very friendly person but I can guarantee you that you will not hate me either. Cheesy? I don’t care!!
Check out the links below to find out more about what I do or try to do:
( ) and my blog ( )

Charlie – vocals (Gorified, Death/Grind – India) 

My name’s Jerrod Preston. I play in Hedorah out of Detroit, Michigan in the United States of America. 

2. The music scene in your area.
The music scene is wide here but as a Heavy metal/Rock and Roll guy i will talk about that scene only. Bangladesh started to grow a Rock scene from the Early 70’s. During the 80’s many promising rock and metal acts came. Some of em lasted some didn’t because of the lack of interests of producers and labels. In this country of huge population rock and roll attracts only a few. Many of the bands became commercial and disappointed the true fans. But among the youth Rock and metal was always a bigger thing like anywhere else. Now Bangladesh got a good mainstream rock scene which developed after 90’s and the last decade. Some organizers emerged with different views and rich taste organizing exceptionally good quality shows with local and international acts. At the same time Bangladeshi underground scene is consist of some very talented extreme metal bands and some bands have successfully released their material internationally and earned respect for them as well as the countries underground scene. Also some excellent underground extreme metal acts like Manzer(France), Infernal Curse (Argentina), Abigail (Japan) did gigs here. All these are signs of the rapid development of the scene. Even with some pros and cons this scene is capable to be an important and strong part of Asian underground scene.

The Pakistani music industry has grown a lot in the past 4 or 5 years. there are some really talented musicians coming up with new ideas and are introducing new commercial genres.. but the metal scene is not as it should be. Dionysus along with other metal bands are trying to promote the metal scene in Pakistan. I don’t know about others but we are quite satisfied by our efforts.

It’s not a very big ‘scene’ but you will find plenty of good bands doing some really good shits here in Nepal! Respect.
And recently many big international bands have also started to come here and play, the most recent one was Metal Mayhem IV feat. Napalm Death.More International acts are in line up to play 2-3 big metal feat here at the end of the year, so really looking forward to those shows!

It’s small but violent.

The music scene in our area of Michigan is predominately really, REALLY bad hardcore. Metal here also tends to be on the weak side with too many of the bands lacking any connection with their roots. We have a lot of really great bands doing some exciting shit here though (Discerned, Traitor, Bruxism, Scum, Cloud Rat, Nurse Ratched and a ton of others). The DIY scene here is really starting to pull together.

3. Next big thing in the underground?

Who gives a fuck about being a big thing in the underground? Too many poseur bands suffering from a disease called ‘Genre Confusion’ here with an urge to hit the mainstream with commercial shit misusing their talent creating a bad image for themselves and the scene. On the other hand some true musical gems keeping it clean and true capable of competing with the bigger scene out there. But at the end of the day the enthusiasm and affection for doing true heavy metal music in the underground scene prevails.

If you ask me in terms of metal, it is a really vast field with different kind of metal genre and every metal head has its own taste so its hard to say anything about the next big thing but Dionysus is working hard to make its own sound so that we can stand out from the usual metal stuff which is going around these days.

Not a big fan of the word underground though I don’t hesitate to use it often myself!  Well, talking about the scene, not just of Nepal but the South Asian scene on the whole, no one can question the talent that we have. I have been strictly following the SA scene lately, you know these amazing bands from Nepal, India, Pakistan, SL, Bangladesh and have came across with plenty of good bands that can give anyband a good fucking run for their money. We just need something (?) to take it to the next level. We need to spot it, find it, build it, do whatever we can, it’s high time that the world should take notice and respect the talent that we possess!!

Next big thing in underground, no idea.

Right now it looks like “blackened crust/d-beat” or whatever is the next huge thing. Kids over here are all about this new wave of crust punk, and while it’s pretty cool, a lot of it tends to be more style over substance. But there are some bands doing it very, VERY right.

4. Most fucked up experience, at a show\jam\recording session


It was a random day in the practice pad. We were working on two new own songs. And decided to record that stuff for demo. So the 1st song with a tempo of 220 BPM… all set, I hit the record button we started playing! Everything was going good then out of the blue the pad door opened and the pad owner entered with a HOT chick! Well sounds like a win situation but NOT when you are recording a song after a long day of practice and not enough time left of the shift. The girl was probably there to see how ‘a metal band’ sounds like in real for the first time. So she was standing in a corner and checking us out playing and suddenly the whole band got charged up and went apeshit! The tempo went 240 or 250 I guess… drummer was playing death metal blast beats instead of basic thrash beats, guitarist was riffing with every possible way he learned, bassist was slapping the bass with a confused face I remember… and I was just gurgling to the lyrics trying to keep up with the band. And the fucked up part is that chick looked impressed with our brutal playing (!!) After we finished the pad owner guy said whats up with the tempo guys then I was like bitch please you didn’t hear the song before. It is the original tempo. Like a Boss  Well at the end of the day she saw the madness of a metal band with no prior knowledge I guess. And when we heard the recording we realized… BOOBS can really give you an energy boost 

Haha actually the real dionysus came into being by a fucked up experience at the studio when we were recording our song “valor of the phoenix” when I wasn’t the vocalist of the band. We were having some issues with our vocalist at the studio and he left for no reason. Then I recorded the vocals and wanted Sheraz to be the judge. Sheraz really liked it, infact we all liked it and decided to keep it.. So we changed the lineup and I became the vocalist. This is so far the best lineup that Dionysus could have and we are really happy about it.

Most of the shows that we do are all fucked up. The cops hates us, the people around the venue are always complaining, kids wanting to enter the shows for free, funny ignorant people wearing wrong t-shirt at the wrong show, egoistic bands not wanting to play before certain bands, the SHIT the band the SHIT the attitude, the post-gig complaints and shit loads of other issues but hell guess what? We love doing it anyway!

Most fucked up, when we were asked to leave a studio where we recorded, as our music annoyed the studio guy.

Well actually, at a show out in Romeo I got stabbed in the leg. Our drummer cleaned it out in the gas station parking lot across the street from the venue. People wanted me to go to the hospital but you know, the show must go on.

5. Top 5 albums.

This is one fucked up question man! But as an extreme thrash metal fan/musician I am going to name some key albums that made me form a band and do whatever I am doing now!

Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
Persecution Mania (Sodom)
Pleasure to Kill (Kreator)
Bonded by Blood (Exodus)
Reign in Blood (Slayer)

And a lot fucking more!!!

Umm… that would be a really difficult question to answer but here it is

Anathema – Silent Enigma
Katatonia – Brave Yester Days
Dissection – Reinkaos
Saturnus – Veronika Decides to Die
Dan Swano – Moontower

Can’t recall properly right now. I have been listening to lots of new stuffs these days. More than my all time favs, these are my current favs:

-Diminished: Origin of Apocalypse
-Creative Waste: Slave to Conformity
-Drudkh: Eternal Turn of the Wheel
-Electric Wizard: Dopethrone
-Storm Corrosion: Storm Corrosion
-Municipal Waste: The Fatal Feast


Top 5 death metal albums; 1.cannibal corpse – eaten back from life 2.autopsy – acts of the unspeakable 3 – master – master 4.necrophagia – seasons of the dead 5 . obituary – cause of death

Top 10 grind albums; 1.napalm death – scum 2.carcass – reek of putrefactions 3 . last days of humanity – hymns of indigestable suppuration 4.regurgitate – effortless regurgitation 5 . gut – odour of torture 6. agathocles – mincer 7.dead infection – surgical disembowelment 8.sore thorat – disgrace to the corpse of sid 9.anal cunt – everyone should be killed 10.xysma – demo

GAH! This is a tough question. Hmmmm. . .

1. Isis – Oceanic
2. Neurosis – Through Silver in Blood
3. Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer/Natasha
4. King Diamond – Them
5. Conan – Horseback Battle Hammer


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