DEATHZONE Compilation Vol-1 from Indonesia

DeathZone Vol-1

DeathZone Vol-1


DeathZone Compilation Vol-1

From: Indonesia

Rating: None


DeathZone Compilation Vol-1 is finally released. You can listen/download it from the Soundcloud link, HERE.

Here are the bands that made it to the compilation:


Ascariasis (Canada Technical Death Metal)
She Was Dead When I Got There (USA Technical Death Metal)
Beheading Machine (Poland Death Metal)
Upheaval (Turkey Black Metal)
Viscral (Indonesian Deathmetal)
Vision Eyes (Indonesian Metalcore)
Bloody Symphony (Indonesian Deathmetal)
Cinematic Machine (Indonesian Metalcore)
Defragment Otak (Indonesian Deathmetal)
Bastard (Indonesian Death Metal)
Knell (IndonesianMetalcore)
The all Prosthesis (Indonesian Metalcore)
Touch of Eden (Indonesian Metalcore)
Spartan (Indonesian Deathcore)
Unblessing Remains (Indonesian Metalcore)
Solar Deity (India Black Metal)

The album is full of hard hitting bands from Indonesia accompanied by few other bands from Canada, Turkey, Poland, India and USA. Download it for free from Soundcloud. Right from the start till the end the songs grabs you and won’t let go till the last song is played! 

Must say it’s a good compilation to have especially if you are open to all genres of Metal. Listen and Download. Recommended.

Media Partners : 

Dont Shut Up (Nepal Metal Blogsite)
Brutal Pokhara (Nepal Webzine)
Unholy Maunder ( The South Asia Extreme Webzine)
Extreminal Webzine (Turkey Webzine)
Underground Music Unites (USA webzine)
Indonesian Metalcore (Indonesian Metalcore Community)
Metal Four The Masses (USA Metal Blogsite)
School Of Elite Talent (USA Webzine)
Indian Music Revolution (India Webzine)
Metal Underground Webzine (Austria Webzine)

Radio Partners :  

101.9 Fox FM- The Internet’s Rock Station (USA Internet Radio)
Eyes Sewn Shut Radio (USA Internet Metal Radio)
Extreminal Radio (Turkey Internet Metal Radio)
Rock Addict Radio(USA Internet Metal Radio)
Valley Of Death Radio (USA Internet Metal Radio)
Radio Metal On (USA Internet Radio)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Supported By : 

Domestic Genocide Records (USA Records Label)
Audio OutBreak Inc (Management)
Bloodbath Cloth(Clothing)
Ranothin (Sweden Promotion partners)
Keep It Metal (USA Promotion Partners)




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