SARV: Kalodin’s New EP Releasing on May 12th.



Nepal’s leading symphonic BlackMetal band Kalodin are all set to release their new EP titled ‘SARV’. We caught up with Davin (Guitars) to talk about all the necessary stuffs that you need to know before it is officially released on May 12th.

 -Hails, how you doing?

Greetings. I’m great. Thank you.

-How’s the preparation for the new EP launch going on? Tell us about ‘SARV’. What does it actually means?

We’re way past the preparation phase and now indulging in the final production stage. Its been great so far. “SARV” is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘sarv’ which means “to kill” or “to injure”. For the past few years, we’ve been greatly inspired by the primival image of Hindu Deities and their epic stories. I figured its an intriguing idea to implement such references in our music. ‘SARV’ is used in the song entitled, “Trishula” an an euphemism that expresses a violent temperament towards attaining deliverance.

-Well we’ve heard that the band has incorporated/experimented with Sitar in some songs aswell, does that mean that we’ll have some ‘eastern influences/sound’ on the EP contary to the 1st release which was more or less a straight symphonic black metal release?

We have incorporated Sitar in just one of the tracks from the EP. It was an experimental approach to how it may sound with such themes being merged together. We do have further plans to release more tracks with Sitar and other traditional instruments.

-Where does, you think, the band is heading towards in terms of experimentation and the influences with this release?What can we expect with this new offering in terms of sound and the whole influence behind the songs?

The band is extremely inspired by Eastern classical scales which has a melancholic depth to the music. This EP is a an experimental approach to what we may end up doing in the next record. The sound is definitely going to be fucking sick considering the 82 hours spent in the studio for the whole production, trying to make the best sounding record with a great engineer, Coleton Paskert. There are 4 tracks in the album, each differing from the other. As mentioned, we are heavily influenced by Hindu deities, namely, ‘Shiva’ whom we wrote about with a twist in the lyrical pattern that expresses infuriating manifestation of the Deity in the song,’Trishula’. Other songs have their own theme and its best if you’d listen to it and ‘decipher’ it for yourself.

-Most people, in Nepal, thinks that Anti-christ/religion and Satanic themes (concerning Nepali Black Metal bands)are such cliches and something to laugh about and that whenever a band do that they label the band as fake and not real. Well I personally find it quite amusing to see them gettin offended so easily with these stuffs because at the same time they are listening to bands that sings about cannibalism, baby eating, raping, mass killing and whole lots of fake/imaginative stuffs but they never complain about them. What’s your take on this matter? Do you think it is because we still are not very free thinking or offhand when it comes to religion or is it because we are raised/forced to follow all the dogmas of it?

I believe in respecting the effort one puts in for the passion. Music in general is a fucking miracle! In all honestly, we are least bothered by what anyone have got to say as long as they feel the music truly. Anyone can ridicule what you do. Instead of obliging, the time can be well spent in producing more music for those who appreciate our vision.. Religion has got nothing to do with their boredom/ignorance.

-Ok, lets get back to the Ep. What about the recordings? You happy with the sound?

Its amazing, yes!


-We guess the Ep will be released independently. How hard/easy is it to do it all by yourself without the help of proper record labels and distributors?

Yes. It’s always difficult to produce DIY, independently. It’s great though! You get to see all your members and the crew working their asses off just to put some audio in a CD and distribute with the hope that someone out there would feel exactly what we felt, writing the music. There’s internet and that decreases the workload. We’ve been managing all this while without the aid of any record label and we do not have that many distributors either. And it’s nothing to complain about. With labels or no, we’d still be a fuckin force!


 -There’s an Ep launch gig on May 12th with hordes of other bands. Are there more promotional campaigns to look forward to? How do the listeners get hold of the EP residing to other parts of the country?

There may be more to come in the near future. As of now, May 12th is all we’re looking forward to. We’ll be selling the audio in Itunes and those residing outside the country can get theirs online.

-Well thank you for your time, we wish you all the best for SARV.


-Zivon Gurung


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