Aiyyame Jahiliyyah: Jahiliyyah (Bangladesh)

Aiyyame Jahiliyyah_Cover

Band: Jahilliyah
Album: Aiyyame Jahiliyyah
From: Bangladesh
Genre: Death-Black Metal
Release: 2012
Record: Eternal Transmigration Recs and Glory Records (Thailand)
Rating: 8.25/10

Jahilliyah is a Death/Black Metal band hailing from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh and a great prospect for the future I am keenly following. I am frequently in contact with the band and have, in more than one occasion, talked about this release.

Loki, the front man of the band says (on the EP): Aiyyame Jahiliyyah is a conceptual EP which tries to fuse Death and black metal music with eastern modalities in order to create a sound which is simultaneously apocalyptic & ritualistic. Conceptually the lyric deal with themes such as the occult, eschatology, misanthropy, nihilism & philosophy to create a linear connection between the occult and its subliminal influence in the modern industrial civilization. It also tries to develop a perception of the human race from the perspective of a cosmic timeline’. 

He further states ‘The expectation is to unleash the musick of Jahiliyyah in the soundscape of the metal world, and to announce the arrival of the Brethren of the order of chaos, and the revelations of the Infernal Chaos Art.

‘Aiyyame Jahiliyyah’ has already been released through ‘Eternal Transmigration recs’  and will be re-released by a Thai label called ‘Glory Records’. The EP contains five crushing songs with one instrumental called ‘Initiation: The call of the Qareen’. The EP is an downright delight if you follow the genre closely.
Mass of Materia’, for me, is without doubt the highlight of the album. The song starts off brilliantly and carries the energy all the way through with almost doom(y) feeling at the middle-portion; the song indubitably leaves it mark on the listeners.
‘Desecration of Zion’ is another gleaming track that starts with an impressive guitar riff/intro and then build-up a strong upsurge of fast-paced demented guitar and hard-hitting drum assault. Impressive.
The track ‘Infernal Chaos Ritual’ also starts off brilliantly and is my personal fav alongside Mass of Materia. The song really shows the maturity aspect of the band as it progresses to end up as a very good structured song with good guitars and balanced vocals work.
Ave misanthrophy’ and ‘Apokalupsis Eschaton’ are the other two tracks that succeed in carrying the grim aura that the other songs had created. Excellent flow of extreme aggression and some good chord progression make these songs a great listen for the ears.

Well, I am stoked at this release as I consider this an excellent debut. They haven’t tried anything new with this EP but nonetheless it should be able to hold you and compel you to  give more than a few listen. With tons of western bands coming out mediocre releases each day, this record by far can be consider a better option if you are into this particular genre!

Zivon gurung



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