Dawn of Demise  was formed in 2004 by Bjørn Jensen and Martin Sørensen with the sole purpose of playing heavy and catchy death metal. Bjørn’s brother Scott from the 90s death-grind band Infernal Torment, came out of “retirement” to do vocals once again. Dawn of Demise is by far the least “Scandinavian-Sounding” band from Denmark and can be best described as a blend of US Death Metal and New York Slam. The band has always emphasized on heaviness and catchiness rather than speed and technicality. Their recipe for death metal has basically remained the same since day 1 and they have proven this on 2 full-lengths and 1 EP, all released through Massachusetts based label, Deepsend Records.

After a few member changes over the years, 3 official releases and numerous live shows with the likes of Suffocation, Nile, Deicide, Six Feet Under, Inveracity, Macabre, Immolation etc, the band was ready for a change – this being the signing with Unique Leader Records for the release of their 3rd Full-Length album.

Their 3rd Full-Length “Rejoice In Vengeance” will be released through Unique Leader June 19th and with killer production by Tue Madsen (Halford, The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Kataklysm etc) and artwork done by Marco Hasmann. Dawn Of Demise is geared and ready to blow the minds of death heads worldwide. The band will be on a Denmark tour in September playing at 10 different venues which will be followed by an Indian Tour in October to promote their album.



We Drink To Your Demise’

‘Rejoice In Vengeance’
‘Killing Spree’
‘This Affliction’
‘The Epitome Of Brutality’
‘He Rises Again’
‘Indulge In Perversity’
‘The Blood Stays On The Blade’
‘The Immaculate Slaughter’ (Feat. Frank Rini)

Official video for ‘Rejoice in Vengeance’


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