Serenade for the Lost (Re-Mastered Version): Chalice of Doom (Jordan)

BAND: Chalice of Doom
FROM: Jordan
SINGLE: Serenade for the Lost (Remastered Version)

Rating: 8/10

Chalice of Doom is a Doom Metal band hailing from Az Zarqa’, Jordan. Drawing influences from the likes of My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, Swallow the Sun and the likes the band plays a very melodic yet melancholically somber state of the art Doom Metal.

The band recently released a re-mastered version of their single ‘Serenade for the Lost’ taken from their 2011 FL ‘Immemorial Nightfall’. This re-mastered is released as a build up to their new LP which is going to be releases soon as the band has quoted on their official Facebook page.

‘Serenade for the lost’ starts off with the mild easy on the ear keys playing alongside the spoken words by Azmo Lozmodia before it turns into this monstrous doomy environ as Fares Swedan introduces his harsh growling vocals to bring more somberly dark feeling to the song. As the song progresses the band has succeeded in keeping that dark miserable aura throughout till the end; never weakening to wither away from the initial solid buildup. Some melodic guitar pieces just add up to the melancholy. A beautifully crafted song, it just soothes you as easily as you lie down drenched to the falling rain of lost and misery. Indeed.

I am really looking forward to their next FL. Though the drummer has recently parted his ways away from the band, the band will still be working as a group and are scheduled to release their next record soon.

Bring on the Mid-Eastern DOOM.

Zivon Gurung

Listen to Serenade for the Lost here:


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