Representing The Gorkha Metal: Grungy Morphins ‘The Gorkha Metal Warriors’

Grungy Morphins ‘The Gorkha Metal Warriors’ are considered among the few bands that really helped Darjeeling and India on the whole, build an extreme Metal scene over the past decade. The band was started as any other band with an uncompromising love for Metal; their assiduous attitude won them many accolades in the form of winning many major Rock/Metal contests followed by many headlining shows around the nation.

Many lineup changes forced the band to embrace hiatus on a number of occasions but this never stopped the band to split up or give up but rather they are back with some sort of invigorated vengeance as they are now ready to take the centre stage again.

Grungy Morphins ‘The Gorkha Metal Warriors’ are scheduled to play at GUTFEST (USA) this July alongside Putrid Pile, Severed Savior, Embryonic Devourment (Check out our interview with ED here) and Isolation in Infamy (One of  the many bands featured in our online compilation ‘Occult Science of Metal, Download here and here.) The band is also in lineup to play at this years Metal Crowd Fest in Belarus alongside Graveworm.

-Hails, how you all doing?

Hails & Horns brother, we are doing great…Thanx.

 -What’s keeping the band busy lately?

Well we have a few shows coming up so that’s kind of keeping us Busy with the practices and also we are working on more originals as we are looking forward to enter the Studio to record them real Soon hopefully this month.

-How’s the preparation for GUTFEST-4 going? The band must be really looking forward to this?

Well yeah, we’ve been invited to play at the ‘Gutfest’ this year in Colorado, U.S.A and are we excited?? yes we fucking are, this is one fest that we are really looking forward to play and the Line-up this year is just fucking awesome with Severed Savior, Putrid Pile, Embryonic Devourment, Despise the Sun, Arkaik, Isolation in Infamy among others, it’s just the Visas that we are worried about, I mean it’s U.S.A. and when India didn’t give Visas to NILE for their Indian show then this is what scares us and makes us nervous, since we are Indians applying for our Visas to the U.S.A. Hopefully everything goes well and as planned.(we are planning on a month long tour in the U.S.A.

-The band is also schedule to play at Belarus on Metal Crowd Festival this August alongside Graveworm, tell us about it.

Well that’s another great festival that we’ve been invited to play in and not just Graveworm, there are other great bands like RAM-ZET, Trail Of Tears among others and we are really excited about it too and the Visas don’t seem to be a problem there as the festival organizers have told us that they will take care of the Visas for us. The year2012 seems very exciting for Grungy Morphins “The Gorkha Metal Warriors”. \m/\m/

-The band was said to be doing a split with Sangre (USA) and Necrocest (UK) called ‘Bonded by Brutality’, what’s going on with that, will we see a release anytime soon?

Yes, we are. The release has been delayed due to some Stuffs as the split will be released Through T.F.H.M. Records from Malaysia and they have delayed the release as they are working on other releases and festivals and also they are looking for the right time to release the album with the right kind of promotions needed for it, you know how labels work but it will definitely be released later this Year is what has been assured to us.

-This one specially goes to Hozo. The band saw a major lineup changes as the founding members except you all left for their own reasons, how difficult was it to resurrect the band again?

Well it’s the same story for almost every Band who’s been in the scene for as long as 12 yrs. Line-up changes are a major problem and the band didn’t had to resurrect since the band never broke/split ‘coz every time someone form the band left, we had someone ready to join in. New members joined in but old members were not replaced (as there is/are no replacements for the members of The Morphins) as all the members who played with the band is a family and no-one can replace them, they have their own place. New members can join the band but can never replace the Ex-Members. Once a Morphin, Always a Morphin.

A small message to all my brothers who played in the band with me for so many Years and with whom I shared this dream, I miss u Guys a lot. I know u all had to leave for unavoidable reasons and I had to go through a lot of rough-times with the band but like I had promised you guys that THE MORPHINS will never die. Here We are Keeping the flame still burning from the Fire that we started 12 yrs ago and my brothers who’ve joined the Band now are doing really great and they understand the passion and that Grungy Morphins is not just a band but a Family.\m/\m/

I’m sorry for taking a huge Space here coz I always get kind of emotional talking about the past days of the band. Hope you understand.

Well we can see the new band members are pretty younger, how do, you think, they have influenced the band, if they have?

Well yeah they are much younger and have the same kind of passion and dedication that we had when we first started the band (I share the same kind of passion too, just a little too older to them) hahahaha but whenever I’m with these guys I feel like Grungy Morphins Back in the days sharing the same kind of passion and dedication.

Of course they have influenced the band in many ways mostly with the sound of the band. The new songs that we’ll be recording will see a lot of their influences and I’m sure that everyone are gonna like the new tracks.\m/\m/

-Gaurav, you are involved with your other side project band ‘When Stories End’, what’s the difference playing in these two bands?

-I enjoy playing with my side project band “WHEN STORIES END”, a deathcore band. Breakdown is the major thing of the band and I just love breakdowns hehe, bammm bammm bammm, full of energy \m/.
But we as WHEN STORIES END we are not so serious bout stuffs we just want to have some fun and break some skulls and bones that’s all but with Grungy Morphins I’m really serious about stuffs, what we do and what we are going to do. Like seriously, my life depends on Grungy Morphins. We, all, together wanna take Grungy Morphins to the top \m/.
So the bottom line is I love both my bands and I’m gonna deliver the best I can in both the bands and let’s see what happens in the future .\m/ HAIL METAL \m/.

-Well, GM are said to be the first band to have started the Metal trend/Scene in the hills (Darjeeling), tell us how was it when you 1st started? And how’s the scene now? How do you relate to the younger bands?

The scene has changed a lot and I mean a lot and its really good. Back in the Days we were playing some shows where their used to be four commercial Rock bands and just one metal band out of the 5 performing bands and that used to be us but these days in shows there are 4 Metal bands and 1 Rock band and sometimes none and that’s awesome for the Metal Scene (No Offence to Rock Bands, I love Rock Music too. It’s just that I love Metal music A little more than Rock music.)

Well the younger bands…..well as long as they are good, true, playing metal music and supporting the Metal Scene I relate to them but if they are not doing either one of these that’s where I draw the lines and I don’t relate to them.

-Anything that we should look forward to in the very near future?

Well, the things that you should look forward to …uhhmmm let me See…A split album, an E.P and a debut full length album in 12 Years how’s that???  hahahahaha….

-Well thank you for the interview, we wish you all the best for GUT FEST and all the band’s endeavors!

Thanks a lot brother and thanks for giving us this opportunity to share our thoughts with our supporters, well-wishers and also with the haters’ hahahaha….Hails & Horns….\m/\m/

-Zivon Gurung


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