Since the release of their debut E.P. in 2011, Acrimony from Bhopal have been garnering a lot of attention with rave reviews from across the world and several victories at prestigious college competitions in India. Living up to the expectations placed in them by many, Acrimony have once again proved why they are rightly touted as “The Torchbearers of Metal in Central India” by getting official on-board at “Music Dealers, Chicago” which is one of the biggest Music Licensing Company in the world. 

Music Dealers seek to provide new opportunities for independent and emerging artists around the world, while connecting music-seekers with the best songs and artists to enhance their work. The deal will thereby provide Acrimony with a Global platform to spread their music via International Advertising, TV Commercials, TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, Web Content and so on through reputed International brands. Music Dealers has created partnerships with companies like CBS, Warner Bros, NBC, Universal and Coca-Cola and several others.

Elated by the tie-up, Samar Mehdi Acrimony’s lead guitarist was quoted as follows – “It almost feels unreal to realize that our music and music alone caught the attention of The Chicago-based agency, and once we had a thorough and clear view of what they had on offer, the enthusiasm to create this relationship became mutual! One dreams to have his works featured in Movies, Games, even TV Shows, TV Commercials and stuff like that – now a serious possibility thanks to the initiative of Music Dealers! This also implies we take another concrete step further towards capturing and enhancing a solid-international fan-base, and the open global possibilities to spread our music just magnify from here”


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