4 Dead in 5 Seconds: Calm of Chaos Video Released. To Play In Pokhara In Oct.

4 Dead in 5 Seconds is an Australian Thrash/Metalcore band formed a couple of years ago.  The band released their debut EP CURSES  (Download the EP from here)in July 15th 2011, and are already in the writing process for their first full-length studio album.

Suman Khatri, a Nepali native and originally of the band NOT TO FEAR, plays bass in the band for the last two months. ‘The drummer of my band NOT TO FEAR got some issues so we are on a break for a while now’  Suman told us and he further adds ‘ I’ve been involved with my new band (4 DEAD IN 5 SECONDS) for the last two months and we are touring Nepal this Sep-Oct. Just got the tickets and there’s only three months left now’. 

4 DEAD IN 5 SECONDS have a show here in Pokhara on OCT 6th (more details will be posted regarding the show, so stay tuned).

Meanwhile check out their official video here:


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