Sheraz Ahmed (Dionysus) talks Pakistani scene.

Couple of days back I caught up with Sheraz Ahmed, Dionysus on a casual chat and we end up talking Pakistani Metal and live gigs there. He is also involved with number of other bands like Marwolaeth, Ilhaam and Foreskin and Multinational Corporation with Hassan Umer (Promoter, blogger etc). Here’s a excerpt from the chat you might find interesting:

Me: Tell me about the scene there man.
Sheraz: Not much has changed.. We, dionysus have completed recording our first 5 song EP, its name is Hymn to the dying, other than that Marwolaeth and Lohikarma released some singles recently. Lohikarma actually released a 2 song demo. Still there are no live shows, that’s the main negative point.

What about the bands from other part of the country?
-Myosis released some material few days back, it was good sludge doom.

ahh..that’s good..I have heard their songs.

What about the metal listeners?
-There are many people who know their shit and then there are generic metal listeners. lol, but yeah, metal listeners are increasing with time.

You told there aren’t many live shows, what do you think is the reason for that?


-Sorry, my dog started jumping over the keyboard lol.
I think the reason is, not many people want to invest in shows. and there is not much promotion. hassan umer is the only guy who has organized real metal gigs here till now the live scene boosts up for a while and then again it becomes dead.

Yeah, then again i personally think the shows don’t have to be big or lavish, I prefer small gigs like house gigs and all.
-Yeah.. those gigs are the best.

Zivon Gurung

Hymn to the Dying EP Trailer:

Check out Valor of the Phoenix by Dionysus:


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