Taipo Records, India is soon releasing ‘SUMMER BREAK’, a Punk/Hardcore compilation album featuring 20 international and 10 Indian bands.

The records will be sold physically in Gangtok, Darjeeling and Siliguri and internationally through bandcamp’.

Here are the line ups:

International Acts:

Abandoned By Bears [Sweden]
The Bad News Bears [UK]
Napoleon [UK]
The City Calls [UK]
Up And Atom [AUS]
Worthwhile [US]
Come Alive [US]
Six Stories Unkown [Sweden]
Autumn Kills [Sweden]
Yes Vigrinia [US[
Portland! [Canada]
MykaRelocate [US]
In Her Own Words [US]
Things We lost [Italy]
What We Left Behind[France]
Skyscraper Walk Among Us [US]
Recall To Life [Austria]
All Found Bright Lights[Japan]
Barely Blind [US]
Multy Tabs [Russia]

Local Acts:

Dwelling For Aeons Gangtok, India]
Normal Academic [US/Nepal]
DA Primitive Future [Darjeeling, India]
Sangharsha [US/Nepal]
Fear Me Dear [Kohima, India]
The Dirty Strikes [Imphal,India]
Dissected Souls [India]
Broad Spectrum Antibiotic [UAE/India]
Shannon Scam [Nepal]
Bleeding Note [India]


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