Tamu Dhi, Pokhara
July 7th 2012

(Reviewer: Sandeep Gurung)

Despite the rain people had already gathered around the venue(TAMU DHEE,NAYABAZAR) for some brutal headbanging and moshpitting. Finally the gig started at around 3pm with “DANAV”,a blackend death metal band previously known as “ADRISHYA KIRAN” opening the show. As far as I know this was their 2nd or 3rd gig but they put forth pretty impressively. They lashed out Slayer and LOG covers (I really didn’t understand the combination of the two though) and sounded good inspite of some technical glitches. Overall a band with pontential and powerful frontman.

“HELLMATE” were the next band.They performed couple of songs;originals I suppose. Not a bad start for another new band in the scene.Practice,and they surely can offer a lot.

“HOUSE OF LORD” put out a decent performance as usual. Their cover of LOG and SEPULTURA surely did made the crowd go headbanging and moshpitting. Their originals were brilliant too! A big achievement for a band so young!

“WAKK THUU”, a grindcore band from Kathmandu and the first grindcore act in Pokhara. They displayed vigorous amount of energy in their short 20-25 minutes of set never letting the intensity level drop.With numbers like ‘Fuck basi mo:mo:’, ‘Sabai dhwosta parne keti’, ‘Queen elizabeth’, ‘Kicking the khate @basantapur’ ,they connected brilliantly with the crowd taking them to a new level of excitement as they provided their share of metal treat. The band were relaxed enough to have some fun and play ‘Fuck basi mo:mo:’ another time after encore from the crowd.

“Corpulent Deformity”,hailing all the way from Kurseong came with a blazing setlist of progressive deathcore elements offering a considerably tighter and more controlled sound. The band sounded fired up as ever punishing the stage with their setlist of originals and covers from bands like DYING FETUS. They delivered a furious assault on the stage leaving the crowd delighted with lots of headbanging,moshpitting,long hairs flying everywhere and the crowd throwing the horns from front to back. Though still a bit naive at times but definitely something to look forward to.

“NARSAMHAAR”, having shared the stage with ‘NAPALM DEATH’;the godfathers of grindcore recently, they seemed to blow everyone with their new found maturity.With numbers like ‘God wants my blood’,’Ma marchu Talai’, ‘Narbhakshi khukuri’ and impressive stage presence they seemed to have won over the home crowd and lived upto their reputation. The band also did a couple of Cannibal Corpse cover and ended their set with ‘Fucked with a Knife’ and the crowd just loved it.

Last but not the least,it was “SYCORAX” onstage. Technically perfect and metallically overblowing they performed originals numbers including  ‘Weapon of choice’ referring to Khukhuri getting enthusiastic response from the crowd. The show was at its peak of Metalgasm and the band on stage was delivering the right shots. It was worth waiting to see the band playing but as it was getting bit late they had to cut their list short. DARN.


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