Band: Dionysus
From: Pakistan
Genre: Doom/Death/Black Metal
EP: A Hymn to the Dying
Released: July 2012
Reviewer: Sandip Gurung 

Rating: 8.5/10 

“DIONYSUS” is a death/doom band from Lahore,Pakistan. Their album “A Hymn to the Dying” can be regarded as one of the finest release in the South Asian region in recent years. The album is a pure journey to the heart of darkness with intelligently shifting speed, inspiring compositions, clean acoustic approaches and a multi dimensional assault. The album starts off with ‘Glimpse of the beloved’ an instrumental track. ‘Valor of the Phoenix’ has enough variation compositionwise keeping things interesting deliberately shifting the mood of the listener. The heaviness and tempos somewhat reminds us of Opeth’s progressive style and the ambience is simply spellbounding. ‘Bathing in the unholy blood’ has perfect balance between the rawness and the quality never letting the listeners down. ‘Burial ground’ has the same level of intensity and carnage as the other tracks in the album. The closing track, ‘Angels of heaving light‘ is a soft one as compared to the other tracks best to listen during bedtime.
Overall, the the album is mixed and mastered well for the sort of music that they play. The album itself is a living proof that “DIONYSUS” have unapologiticallybroadened the metal horizon in the South Asian Region.

The Ep can be downloaded for free HERE.



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    Dionysus For Eva \m/

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