Band: Foreskin
From: Pakistan
Genre: Crossover Thrash
Release: July 2012
Rating: 8.75/10

(Reviewer: Zivon Gurung)

Foreskin is a Crossover-Punk/Thrash band hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. Formed in 2009 the band had previously released BITP (Brawling in the Pit) and come 2012 they have released ‘Anger Management’.

Extremely aggressive and abusive with insane vocals (Hassan Umer), the Demo is a gem of a release no matter what genre you follow. The lyrics deals with having fun, anger, beating posers, don’t give a fuck and the usual frustration that cracks up our minds being in society that sucks most of the time.

The demo contains two tracks ‘Hack N’ Slash….. The Dungeon’ and ‘Anger Management’. Very Thrashy riffs and the attitude of the Punks, the demo is sure to take you to the frenzy of  temporary Mental Derangement.  The second track also interestingly contains Mr. Wallace‘s dialogue samples (Mr. Wallace who? DIE). The production quality is way better than their previous release ‘BITP’, which contained some annoying ticks and tacks but a good record if ignored the recording flaws.

A must have release. The demo can be downloaded for free HERE.


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