Band: The Upheaval
From: Turkey
Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
EP: Vomits of Hate
Release: November 2011
Rating: 7.75/10

(Reviewer: Sandip Gurung)

A Turkish delight for black metal fans as THE UPHEAVAL, the Turkish quartet is out with their promo EP. Clear as a crystal that they derive their inspiration from old school black metal bands like Mayhem,Gorgoroth and others from the pack. Their philosophy are serious and revolves around subjects like theocracy and totalitarianism as they seemed unafraid to compose songs almost radio unfriendly and so maybe hardly tuned in their country. Driven by a dreadnought heavy rhythm section and steered by guitarist O.T. , the tracks follows traditional BM structure composition-wise although Thrash influence can also be seen . Vocalist ‘Damnare’ gets the credit for sublimely handling the vocal duties on tracks like ‘Falsehood Castle’ and ‘Rebirth as a sinner’. All the anger,the frustration and the discontent is channeled through the vocal cord. Others tracks,’Vomit the hate’ and ‘obey the beast’ surely deserves a listen. Overall a good effort in making of a EP with a purpose and resonance. Listen the upheaval with patience and you will surely like it.

The promo EP is also available for free download here.

Listen Vomits of Hate here:


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