Band: Hammerdrone
From: Canada
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
EP: A Demon Rising
Genre: Blackened Death
Released: July 2012
Rating: 8.75/10

(Reviewer: Zivon Gurung)

Hammerdrone, is a Canadian blackened death Metal band formed in the year 2010 and ‘A Demon Rising’ is their debut EP and personally I rate it as one of the best debut EP I have heard this year so far. Very heavy and tight, dark and brutal, the band is surely to look forward to.

The EP starts with the title track ‘A Demon Rising’, clearly this track is the highlight of the EP as it demonstrates the perfect implementation of right guitar technicality and ferocious brutal drumming, fronted by a beast behind the microphone, Graham Harris, the title track is an addictive, catchy and at the same time is a BRUTAL battering to ears. Few ‘Behemoth’ touches don’t go unnoticed.

The follow up track is ‘Last Stand on Gibraltar’, a very well written song. It has the right combos of everything that will make you swing your head in awe, the drum battering continues and the fretful riff just adds up to the bleak environ. ‘Another Winter’ starts with a chilling guitar solo and soon takes up the momentum of its preceding tracks. If I have to add, it is another gem of an art. The guitar just gives the right thrust and direction to a remarkable composition.

The final track of the EP ‘Annihilation in Equilibrium’ is an out and out annihilation assault, a very sadistic approach to aggravate the listener’s listening experience craving  for  more vicious Hammerdrone attack. A good end to an incredible EP.

The EP is a quality release by the debutants, the technical/recording/production aspect of the record is brilliant. The band doesn’t have a very original sound, at some point they share some Amon Amarth influences, but the release is, no doubt,  a strong declaration of the Hammerdrone’s arrival. You better sit back and take notice ‘cause that’s the best thing that you can do.

You can listen/buy the EP from their Bandcamp page HERE.


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