Unholy Maunder, a popular Indian metal portal today announced the 
launch of its new record label, ‘Infestdead Records’ with a vision to
contribute something for the local metal scene. The first release on
the label will be Sons of Malice (2012) by Savage, a NWOBHM metal band
hailing from UK whose songs have been covered by the metal goliaths
Metallica, in the past. Infestdead Records’ first release will be
available throughout India only, however the label alleged to have
worldwide distributions. The 58 minutes album is Savage’s sixth Studio
album shaped after a long hiatus of 11 years.  Revealing the news, the
label AR also said to believe that the album which is to be available
by mid-September will give the Indian listeners a unique taste of
blues-driven British heavy metal. On the other hand band founders
Chris Bradley & Andy Dawson are very excited about the contract and
hope to play in India in near future.

Formed way back in 1976, Savage was invited to participate in the
seminal compilation album: ‘scene of the crime’, recording two of
their compositions. One of these tracks – ‘Let it loose’ was later
covered by Metallica after Lars Ulrich bought the album. Savage
released their first album ‘Loose N Lethal’ on Ebony Records in 1983
which was pronounced the best-selling metal import album in America.
Their second album ‘Hyperactive’ received a KKKKK rating from the
heavy metal bible Kerrang. The other albums – Holy Wars, Babylon and
Xtreme Machine also opened with rave reviews and were hailed by fans
at the live gigs at London. Savage also shared the stage with
Metallica and Venom at gigs in Europe. They have played at various
festivals including Heavy Oder Was and Wacken.

The album can be pre-ordered by sending an email to


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