Binaash have just concluded their three city tour, which started from Kathmandu and then to Pokhara and then finally to Dharan. Below are some videos from the Dharan leg of the tour that featured BINAASH, UGRA KARMA, NARSAMHAAR and NEXT LEVEL TO ENERGY.

The Pokhara leg featured Binaash along with the Death Metal pioneers UGRA KARMA and the very prominent and the new flag bearer of Nepali Death Metal, Narsamhaar, very lucrative and brutal line up indeed, an all and all Death Metal line-up (may be first of its kind). The show was an utter standout in many aspects including line-ups, Sounds, the much anticipated album launch indeed but many were EAGERLY waiting to see UGRA KARMA back on the stage after almost a decade.

The show went brilliantly and all the bands were outstanding, Narsamhaar in particular never sounded so precise and brutal in their delivery. Brilliant originals and outstanding performance. UGRA KARMA came on stage next and the anticipation were huge obviously, but there were not a single doubt that they would under perform and they did not. There were some minor tech-glitches during their performance but no one seem to care as the environs around was ecstatic. It was great to witness their classics like Chandaal Shaitaan, Slaughter Sword Death Bringer etc and their new OCs like 108 decapitation, Annapurna-TSK were equally brilliant. Lookin forward to their new recorded releases. Binaash were last to take on the stage and it was only their second show with their new drummer, despite this they delivered what they expected to deliver. Their slot was fun filled, hard hitting and jaw dropping as they provided no- nautanki- in -your- face- Death Metal assault.

The Dharan leg was supposed to take place on 27t of August and Narsamhaar were a late inclusion. Quite frankly I was quite pessimistic about this particular gig not because I doubted the Metal heads there but  because it was scheduled to be a free gig and on top of that the venue was an open air in the middle of the city and It was only after we reached Dharan that we came to know that the show was being organised in association with Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center to spread awareness about the spinal injury that is so adamant these days due to increasing road accidents and other reasons. Please contact any SCIRC near you to know more in details.

The show started late but it was a blessing as it would give bands chance to perform in the cool of the night , URA KARMA , surprisingly started the show but had to cut out the number of the songs due to time constraint. The sounds were not up to the mark and was very average but the sound people did good to give the best possible out put,  but hey what the hell, looking at the zeal of Sunil and Prateek (the original members) they would have done the show with a set of acoustic guitars as well.

Next Level to Energy were next, a Metalcore outfit from the city of Ithaari. An adamant amount of Corey Taylor influence could be seen but the band did pretty good of the chances that they were provided . I don’t want to be too judgmental of em as it was the first time that I was seeing them live.

Next up was Narsamhaar and they were as ruthless as they were here in Pokhara. They did their regular sets of originals and soon departed to make way for Binaash, who then delivered a perfect combo of Ramilo and Brutal set. This band just amazes you with the power and the great technicality that they possesses.

The show was a great success and a big thumbs up to Darshan Dharan and SDIRC for having the guts to organize an awareness program with Metal bands. The hospitality that they provided doesn’t have a right word of appreciation, it was just amazingly great and yeah I must add, the food was outstanding (Damm I miss that sungur ko masu).


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