Band: Solar Deity
From: India
Genre: Black Metal
Album: The Darkness of Being (EP)
Release: 12th August 2012
Label: Nephalist Recordings

Rating: 8.5/10

(Reviewer: Zivon Gurung)

Solar Deity is a Black Metal band from India and has released two E.P(s) so far, In the Name of Satan and now ‘The Darkness of Being’.  Well, luckily I got the chance to get hold of both the EP(s) and one single ‘Snowless’ released in the interim of the two EP(s), I went through them couple of times and it didn’t take too much time for me to get into the Solar Deity phenomenal.

Black Metal in this part of the world has always been my area of interest because in one way or other this particular genre is still not widely accepted among the masses compared to its other counterpart, Death Metal, given the fact that there’s so much grim rawness and maturity in the bands here that they can be as good as anyone.  The earlier release of Kalodin (Nepal) and Dark Desolation (India) just proves me right and this release by ‘Solar Deity’  just solidifies its (BM in South Asia) rather unclaimed ‘supremacy’.

‘The Darkness of Being’, a 3 song e.p, starts with an atmospheric-cyclic-angular riff before exploding into a fast paced grotesque black Metal riff complementing radiantly to the  cutting edge vocals of Aditya and then suddenly turning into a hypnotically melodious chants like singing, the sound of water flow adds some real atmospheric environs to the song.
The band has not shied away to experiment with their sound and this can be heard in ‘Towards the Horizon’, a trouble-free melodic bass and acoustic guitar driven song with an flimsy water sound in the background that gives a pleasing feeling of swimming or just simply rowing a boat in an ocean , towards the setting sun in the horizon. Just lie down and surrender to the flow of the song.
The final song of the EP “The Birth of a Star’ rather starts like a thrash number but then quickly transcend into a characteristic Black Metal piece, a decent and straight forward song with some good melodic punch.

The overall production is pretty nice and I sum up the EP as an impressive release that will surely please the Solar Deity fans and the atmospheric-Black Metal  followers alike.

This year is turning out be a great year in term of good album releases from the South-Asian bands and ‘The Darkness of Being’  is more than worthy to have a little space in your collection. Recommended.


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