Progressive rock band HOURGLASS PRISONERS from Kolkata,India to announce there debut EP called MIRAGE WITHIN soon. The EP will contains four songs which are listed below:

1.At the end
2.Walking alone
3.Empty promises
4.Eternal pursuit

“At the end and Walking alone are both old songs which was recorded 3 years back in a different format but we have rearranged and re-recorded both the song whereas Empty promises and Eternal pursuit are brand new tracks which has been composed and recorded entirely for the Ep. The songs are  in the studio for the mastering jobs and the tentative date we have in our mind is 15th November for the release” informed Akash, the vocalist of the band.

Hourglass Prisoners, formally known as Purple Wave , was formed in early 2009 and has been active since then. The band has took part in many competitions and has won many accolades. The band cites Dream Theater, Static Impulse, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rush,Threshold,Creed,Iron Maiden,Symphony X,Metallica, Dragon force etc as their prime influence.

Hourglass Prisoners are:

Akash – VOCALS
Sayanjit – GUITAR
Arnab – BASS
Debmalya – KEYS
Ayanangshu – DRUMS.


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