THE EXORCIST is a Death Metal outfit formed in 2010. You can listen and download their 2 live song demo below.

Formed in the year 2010, The Exorcist, name quite obviously derived from the classic horror flick of the same name,  is an Old School Death metal band from Kathmandu though OSDM they quite often use pig sequel in their songs. Deriving influences from bands like Cryptopsy, Death, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse etc the band started covering their songs and later started doing originals and then participated/competed in Nepfest II for the first time as a complete band. The band has also played in couple of other Nepfest shows, indoor gigs in Jamsthan and quite recently in Deathfest-1 alongside Ugra Karma, Soul Annihilation (USA) and hordes of other Death Metal acts.

The Exorcist are:

Pranav Upadhyaya – Guitars
Ayush Nakarmi – Guitars
Rabin Pokharel – Vocals
Nimesh Nakarmi – Bass guitar
Rajat Singh – Drums

Join the band on facebook and Reverbnation

Listen/Download the two track demo here:



  1. Nimesh Nakarmi · · Reply

    Thanx for the promotion \m/

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