Artist: Ahsan Sajid
From: Bangladesh
Genre: Ambient, Experimental Noise.
Album: Brightly, the Darkness
Released: Sep 2012

Rating: 8.00/10

(Reviewer: Srijan)

Ahsan Sajid has been, in the little time that I’ve been cognizant of his existence, a project that has confounded me to a level. He has been able to create a kind of death, industrial / dark ambiance that is effective in atmosphere and interesting in subject matter.

Brightly, the Darkness has been performing around my nous since I’ve heard it. Not all the tracks are overmuch effective but the noises here like ‘lebensunwertes leben’,’racial hygiene tribunal’ can dig your mind with no ground. Despite describing this album as a work of dark ambient, there is a surprising amount of intricacy within. There certainly is a fairly typical minimal nature surrounding the release, perhaps mostly due to its industrial roots, but it is difficult not to find a sincere respect for the amount of instrumentation found within.

The album progresses to include definitive musical and minimally rhythmic structures. The idea behind the music would seem to follow the simplistic nature of the compositions themselves, more or less attempting to journey into the world of spirits and the supernatural. It’s quite the effective.


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