US death metal pioneers INCANTATION are streaming a track from their anticipated new album, Vanquish In Vengeance, due for release on November 26th via Listenable Records.You can listen to ‘Vanquish In Vengeance’, below:

The new record Vanquish In Vengeance carries a recurring lyrical theme that addresses the countless acts of genocide in the name of religion throughout our history. Vanquish in Vengeance was recorded at Mars Studio with Bill Korecky and mixed by Dan Swanö (ex-EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, NIGHTINGALE) at Unisound Studios.

Vanquish In Vengeance tracklisting:
‘Invoked Infinity’
‘Ascend Into The Eternal’
‘Progeny Of Tyranny’
‘Transcend Into Absolute Dissolution’
‘Vanquish In Vengeance’
‘Profound Loathing’
‘The Hellions Genesis’
‘From Hollow Sands’
‘Legion Of Dis’



  1. brutal as always.. Decibel is giving away some sort of flexi disc, last i heard

    1. Awesome.

      Not everything is going wrong in the world right now. The new INCANTATION song surely isn’t!!

  2. brutal as always!!

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