Interview with Hari Gurung (Vocalist/Guitarist) of Satyaa as done by our contributor Milan Adhikari Lama.
My first question for the band is,when was Satyaa formed and what genre of music does it play? Can we call Satyaa as a rock band?
 -Satyaa was formed in late 2008.Satyaa plays funk,rock blues,hard rock.Sure,We can be called as a Rock Band! To all the Rock bands out there, We salute you!
  So, how many members are there in the band?  
 -we are Trio, Hari Gurung (Vocals/Guitars), Rohit Lama (Drums), Sudip Singh (Bass).
   Satyaa has released two of their songs ‘BUJHNA SAKINA’ and ‘AAIMAI’.How has the response been so far?
  -The response is good. Everyone Liked it! But some of them have suggested regarding the sounds. So, we’ll record it again in a good studio! Let’s hope, It’ll be more effective!
  Is Satyaa planning to release their debut album? 
 -Yes,We are planning for our album.I think it will come soon.
  So can you tell us more about your new album? I mean,What kinds of songs will be there?
 –You have already heard our two songs(Bujhna Sakina and Aaimai),and  another one (funky sexy) is totally different from them,which we are going to record soon.And its funky!The other songs will be hard rock,yeah!
 Where do you normally play? 
 -We have been performing in restaurants of Thamel,Durbar-Marg, etc and concerts in our local area.
Talking about your music,Who writes the lyrics? Do you write them or the other band members write as well?
 -Me(Hari) as well as our band members write the lyrics.
 What is Satyaa doing these days?
-Practise,Practise and Practise!
What do you guys do besides music? I mean,Do the Band Members Have Their Own Business?
– I am a Music Teacher in Some Schools and Drummer (Rohit) is Soundman in Annapurna Hotel and Bass Guitarist (Sudip) works as an Accountant in some offices as well!
 Can you mention some of your favourite Nepali bands? 
-Nepathya , Jindabaad, 1974 A.D.
 So tell us more about your music journey? How easy or hard is it to form a band and to make a living out of it as well? Is it really challenging, specially in NEPAL?
-Its not about Easy or Hard.Its about Satisfcation.It feels really good to work as a musician.And if you keep on continuing your life in music,then, whether be it in NEPAL Or Else where,We can surely make a living out of it!
 Lastly, do you have a message for the people who are aware/unaware about your band?
-We need your suggestions/comments! Keep on listening to our songs! Dhanyabaad, keep on Rocking!


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