Band: Ego-Death/Life’s Darker than Death
Country: Greece/Croatia
Genre: Ambient/Funeral Doom/Soundtrack noises
Record: Salute Records, Sweden
Rating: 8.75

(Reviewer-Zivon Gurung)

This ‘nameless’ split between ‘Life’s Darker than Death’ and the legendary ‘Ego-Death’ is an outstandingly dark work of art. Released via Salute Records, Sweden few months back, the record contains six tracks that tell stories of their own. All you need to do is sit back and admit defeat (your soul) to the ascending darkness.

The first half of the split, by Ego-Death, is a mystifying array of thoughts that’s just pulls you into the mire of deep euphoric celebration, even with the much darker term known as ‘Death.’ Katathlipsis and My Funeral Theme just mingle with the thin air and sends shiver down your spines.

The second half of the split is by Life’s Darker than the Death, which is a side project of Robert Bekić (aka Borndead & Glasnik) who is also the founder of Synkretismos Mutare. A hauntingly intense collage of images will struck your head as you delve the disturbing phenomena created by the first two tunes ‘Stvari nisu takve kakve na prvi pogled izgledaju’ and ‘Memories of our dark past. ‘…are Erased by Light’ as depressive as it may sound but this song adds life to this split. A proper ‘Funeral Doom’ and a rare vocal implemented track by Borndead.  Doomy.

I sum up the split as ‘A hell of an ambient and chilling journey best experienced with the total compliance of soul for 30 odd minutes to the poignant tunes of Borndead and Ego-Death’.


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