Band: Xector
From: India
Album: Beyond Oblivion (EP)
Releaed: 2012
Rating: 8.75/10
(Reviewer – Srijan)

Xector is a Bangalore based technical (more or less) groove metal band with a bit of metalcore and death metal influence. The band was formed in 2006 as “SPITFIRE” by Suhas, who is currently the guitarist. They hit the studio in late 2011 to record their EP “BEYOND OBLIVION”.

Their EP “Beyond Oblivion” is one hell of a release that I reckon you must grab. Though the album consists of just four songs but “Beyond Oblivion” is not away from delivering thick heavy music. The riffs have a dark and grim sound and somewhat melancholic harmonics too. The hardcore drumming on top of it will certainly make you bang your head and start to mosh regardless of where you are, alone in your room or in a pit with like metalheads.

The songs like “Wild Impulse” and  “Shadow of god” are impressive and technically complex. They are fucking dope and kicking ass for real. “Delirium” has psychedelic intro which dig mode for a darker eastern form scale riff, technical solo and all the way back to psychedelic outro. A great listen overall.  “The great sorrow” serves up competent and listenable euphony, no more and no less.

A much harder and heavy, intense and aggressive release. In my opinion, the vocal needs to be delivered with a little more degree, rest are spot-on. I would suggest all of you to check this album once. You won’t regret it if you appreciate all sub-genre of metal.

You can grab the EP from HERE.


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