House of Lords is a Metalcore band hailing from the lake city of Pokhara and is not a new name who follows the metal scene of the city. Young and very prominent the band has a huge following and is quite regular in concerts around the city.

Here is House of Lords and a chance for you all to know them better.:

-Hello, How are you guys doing and what’s going on with the band?

Hey  there, we all are doing great with our lives as well as with the band. There is  problem of time with us because of our studies. But however we manage our time for our jam up session.

-Tell us how did you guys start the band despite being so young when it all got started?

Well, it all started as friends rather than band members. We all were homies since childhood as almost all members used to study in same class and the same school. The enthusiasm towards music for all of us began since childhood. We all had interest on either drums or guitars. We used to jam up for fun as beginners which later became a good reason to form a band. When we all used to study in 7th standard we made our debut performance as a rock band on the occasion of Shiva ratri. We were really supported by the crowd. The debut performance encouraged us more to move on with the band more seriously. That’s how we started a journey to music.

-What inspires HOL’s music?

Frequent covering of songs from bands like ; lamb of god, C.O.B, Metallica, Mantra [rock band] inspired HOL’s music.

-What about the jam session, how much fun/tense is it?

Of  course, we do have a lot of fun during jam session. We don’t remember any tensed moments during jam session.

-Who writes songs for the band?

Well, our vocalist Ahish Grg writes the lyric for the songs. He is accompanied by other band members  as well

-As a band what do you like to do most and what do you guys hate the most?

As a band, our favorite thing is to bang our heads together as well as to make jam sessions.
Uhh, about the hatest thing its loadshedding of course.

-At this point of time what is the band’s ambition?

Well, some members of band are looking forward for deep participation in studies. So, there may be lack of time for jam sessions to continue our band. However, our ambition for now is to release at least one album in near future. But we will continue with the band as long as possible.

-Any local favorite bands you have?

=>uhh, not favorite but we do have some local bands in our sight which we like;  Narsammhar, Rage Hybrid,  are really good on their place.

-What about live shows? How much do you enjoy them and as a band do you think it’s important to do live shows?

=> Yes, we do enjoy live shows a lot. A band is nothing if they don’t climb up the stage.

-Most of the kids of your age are either dumb or just don’t listen to metal. How does your friends/family take you guys and your METAL?

=> Well every kids have their own choice on genres. Talking about the friends, they do support us a lot but we wish similar would be the case with our parents.

-Have you guys impressed any girls by being in a band and playing good Metal? How many of you have girlfriends?

=> hahahaha… Bitter Truth : “Ladies join late night dance parties rather than metal gigs.” If you know what I mean 😀 None of us have girls :’)

-Are you guys recording songs anytime soon?

=> We are looking forward to it.

-Lastly anything you would like to say or any last shout outs?

=> Lastly we wanna thank BRUTAL POKHARA for providing us platforms. \oO/


Check House of Lords on Facebook.


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