Band: Thrash
From: Bangladesh
Genre: Thrash
Album: A Lesson in Thrash
Released: 2012
Label: Incursion Music
Rating: 8.00/10

(Reviewer: Zivon gurung)

THRASH is a band hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh and they play BLACK METAL. Dumb are you if you had any difficulties guessing their genre or fell for my cheesy joke. ‘A Lesson in Thrash’ is their debut EP released on Incursion Music few months back and is Kick ass, from a debutants,  to say the least. I’ve been checking quite a few Bangladeshi bands lately and am pretty stoked to see the number of good acts coming from there.

‘A lesson in Thrash’ is a very thrashy release and that word ‘Thrashy’ should sum up the whole review as most of the contemporary THRASH bands have taken this genre for granted and then the addition of the word ‘Progressive’ to anything they think they play give them the license to sound stupid as fuck but thankfully this release is far from that crap and will just please you if you love are you into the sound of the early Bay area Thrash bands.

The EP starts with a forgettable intro but quickly build up the pace with ‘Cross-fire’ which is full of dirty thrash riffs that gives a great listening experience and some melodic guitar solo to end the perfect song to get on the mark.  The follow up ‘Indianization’  is a profound dose of uncompromising sonic attack of fast paced heavy riffs and some aggressive words that laments the Indianization of their native land. This song adds the right amount of aggression to the EP and is easily my personal favorite track of the record. The final track ‘A Lesson in Thrash’ is a headbangers delight. The vocals sound excellent that reminds traces of the mighty Paul Baloff.

A very impressive EP that has lots to offer in its 15 min assault. The band has followed the traditional Thrash approach to their songs and has succeeded to a larger extend in delivering it to the listeners.  The production could have been better but they can always sort it out in their future releases as the technologies are fast moving in. This is a good record to have in your collection if you support good bands from this region.


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