Old School Black/Death Metal Band KING CARNAGE Releases Advance LP Demo Track “Slashing in the Black”

From the one man musical force behind Trillion Red’s Metaphere, comes a new project so shockingly brutal, it will wipe the face of the Earth clean. KING CARNAGE is the name. Remember it, you’ll be begging it for mercy later.
Lending and restarting from the 1994 occult demo Ligeia: In Death Overshadow Thee, KING CARNAGE is an Old School Black/Death Metal band with a new bloody edge. Filth, destruction and slaughter are what you will find.

The Left Hand, purveyor of all KING CARNAGE content and creation,has just released a one song demo track on Bandcamp, called “Slashing in the Black,” as a brief introduce of what is to come. There will be an early 2013 full length LP coming via badGod Music titled Ounce of Mercy, Pound of Flesh, featuring nine songs in total.


Visit kingcarnage.bandcamp.com/track/slashing-in-the-black-demo-version to experience the carnage.

Lick the blade of the dark, it is time to die!


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