UK based Prog/tech metal act Exist Immortal to release debut album “Dream Sequence”

“Exist Immortal manage to do that rare thing-write
immediate,natural-feeling songs that you take in straight away,while
being very technical.” – Metal Hammer

Line Up:

Vocals: Meyrick de la Fuente
Guitar/Vocals: Tom Montgomery
Guitar: Kurt Valencia
Bass: David Billote
Drums: Fergus Gardiner

London tech-metallers Exist Immortal fuse catchy melodies,soaring
vocals, epic soundscapes,
technical riffs and all-out grooves to create a unique maelstrom of
musicianship, which has quickly earned them the reputation of being
the UK’s rising tech-metal
stars. Since their inception in mid-2011, the band’s relentless
touring has seen their ferocious live show hitting stages in France,
Belgium, Holland, and throughout Britain. Having already performed at
the UK Tech-Metal fest this year alongside Sylosis,Textures and
Monuments, as well as having shared other stages with bands like While
She Sleeps, Red Seas Fire and Uneven Structure, Exist Immortal will be
heading out on
the road once more in
November. Following the release of their debut EP ‘Insects’ (June
2011) and their critically- acclaimed double-single ‘Insects / Exist’
(April 2012), the
band released new single ‘Exist’ on 5 November as a free download to
say “Thank you” to their fans for all the loyal support.
The single was also accompanied by a phenomenal new video,
with direction and breathtaking special effects from Richard Oakes at
Dark Fable Media. Exist Immortal’s new mini-album ‘Dream
Sequence’ (artwork by
Camilla Barbosa-Jefferson, design by Lisa Lan) will be released
worldwide on 28 January 2013 via Revolution Harmony.

Frontman Meyrick de la Fuente comments, ” ‘Dream Sequence’ follows the
concept of predicting
the end of the world, in the form of a dream-like premonition from a
young child, in which the world is devoured by the sun. The songs
follow a logical, somewhat psychological process of falling asleep,
the accompanying sensations, and the idea of waking up into a dream
you must fight for survival. The final track signals the end of the
dream, as the violence and destruction ends. This concept also serves
as a metaphor for the human destruction of the planet, questioning
whether anyone has considered the idea of us not actually having a
contingency plan should one of the many very-likely apocalypse
scenarios arise.”


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