Mallika Sundaramurthy is undoubtedly one of the most extreme vocalist we have in the metal scene right now and fronting two bands of the highest order  is no joke by any means. Making her presence felt in a genre that is hugely dominated by males she can make you choke in awe as she is continuously shredding all the limits of brutality, insanely.

I caught up with her for a brief chat to talk about her bands, about herself and some more METAL. Check out for yourself.

Hello Mallika, thank you for your time despite your busy schedule. How are you doing at the moment? How does it feel to front two of the sickest and heaviest band at the moment? It must be pretty hard at times. What keeps you motivated?

Hi Zivon. I’m doing well, thanks. It feels good to have two active bands. It keeps me quite busy. I just love the music and I love performing. That passion keeps me motivated.320156_10152065152115158_76601309_n

How is playing in Abnormality and Parasitic Extirpation different?

Abnormality and Parasitic are pretty similar music styles. Both somewhat-technical death metal. Parasitic has perhaps more of a slam sound I would say, and maybe more groove. Abnormality is more straight forward death metal with strong composition and good hooks.

Death metal is a genre that is hugely dominated by male musicians and vocalists, there is no denying, now, that you have stand toe to toe with all of them and has inspired a lot of females to do the same but how was it when you first started? Do you remember your 1st show and the people’s reaction?
We know the extreme and brutal side of Mallika, how is the feminine side of Mallika?

I’ve been in bands for almost ten years now. It’s not all that different now than when I first started. Female musicians are still far outnumbered by their male counterparts. That is slowly changing over time, more and more women are joining bands.

I am happy to inspire other women, as much as I love to be inspired by others. I support all the talented and awesome women I come across in the metal scene.

The first few shows I ever played, I was so nervous, I don’t think I noticed the crowd reaction too much, haha. Apart from band stuff, I am just like any other woman. I like to dress up. I like to hang out with my girlfriends. If you met me outside the metal scene and didn’t know, you probably wouldn’t guess that I play death metal music.

Alright, Contaminating the Hive Mind was a kick ass record. Is there any news on Parasitic Extirpation new stuffs, it’s been a while now since ‘Casketless’ been released?

Thank you. Parasitic Extirpation is writing new music right now. We plan to release  a new record sometime in 2013.

Heard you guys are doing a new Abnormality music video. Any insight on which song is it going to be?

I can’t give away which song it is yet, but it is another track off of “Contaminating the Hive Mind.”

What is your takes on genres especially Metalcore and Djent?

I don’t really care what is trendy or cool at the moment. I prefer brutal death metal, that’s my personal taste. I also like groovy, technical, blackened, or old school death. I like some black metal also. I’ll listen to something as long as the songs are good and as long as I like the vocals. (As a vocalist, it’s hard for me to listen to bands with weak screams).

I don’t like metalcore, it’s not my preferred music style. I don’t listen to it. I don’t have anything to say about it.

I wouldn’t really call “Djent” a genre, I would say technical death metal myself. Out of bands labeled Djent, I dig Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders.

imagesWhat about the more extreme genres like pornogrind, gore grind etc?

I like a lot of grind and goregrind bands. Especially Carcass, Haemorrhage, Cattle Decapitation etc.

 Any take on Travis and Chris incident? :p

I think that’s between Travis and Chris and their bands. I don’t like to comment on other people’s drama. Especially when I don’t have all the facts.

Death Metal has come a long way and now in many forms and is one of the most popular genre in Metal. Do you think Death Metal as a genre is still underground?

I think death metal is still very much underground. The bands rely heavily on the fans and the community to keep it going. The types of metal bands that are mainstream aren’t really death metal. Metalcore, deathcore, those kinds of things are metal mixed with hardcore. Maybe with some death metal influence, but it’s not death metal.

Well, thank you for your time again, We at BRUTAL POKHARA and DSU wish you good luck with both Abnormality and Parasitic Extirpation and off course with your other works. Any last shout outs?

Thank you, and thanks to all the fans and supporters of Abnormality and Parasitic Extirpation! We couldn’t do it without you.

*Zivon Gurung


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