CoverBand: Sangre/Necrocest/Grungy Morphins (The Gorkha Metal Warriors)
Genre: Various (Metal)
Released: 2012
Label: Autopsy Records

Reviewer: Heal

Well everyone here were quite looking forward to this 3 way split as one of the 3 band was the Darjeeling based Extreme Metal pioneers Grungy Morphin ‘The Gorkha Metal Warrior’, having achieved quite a cult following in their home town, however this is their only official 1st release  till date. The other two bands are Sangre (USA) and NecroCest (UK).

Let’s start off with SANGRE, a Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band from California, USA. With over a decade of making some heavy shit and surviving the odds, this particular band has already shared the stage with the likes of Anthrax and Slayer and they don’t disappoint here either. Songs like ‘The Great Tribulation’ and ‘Me Vale Madre’ are very well crafted and resembles the diversity in their music with the use of acoustic guitar and clean vocals on the latter song and yeah and that killer Spanish flavored outro. A total Kill.  Rest of the songs are spot on in terms of the way they are delivered, a well balanced equation of aggression and melody. The songs are produced excellently.

Necrocest is relatively a new band for me and they play straight edge, no bullshit Death Metal, just the way they are meant to be played.  It would have been a complete shame for me if this record had gone unnoticed, thankfully it didn’t. Absolutely perfect in delivery the band slays with every song. The traditional guttural vocals with a peep of pig sequels sound just devastatingly brilliant. ‘Slut Starved’ is my pick of the track though other tracks are equally-brutally brilliant as well and I mean it when I say this. Worthy of all the praise, I hope the band strike it big one day!

Grungy Morphins ‘The Gorkha Metal Warriors’ , well a lot have been said and heard about the band but do they really deliver or more precisely have they delivered in this record? To a large extend yes! Most of the track have already been released or have been heard in concerts or through other means and undoubtedly have been really popular among its legions of diehard fans. I.T.N.O.T.G starts the morphine attack, a brilliant display of extreme thrash attack compromising of some ruthless twin vocals and some groovy riffs. Drak-Ula is another similar assault in the vein of I.T.N.O.T.G. a groovy riffage driven song that stabs hard on your balls resulting in a violent head banging (Imagine!!)! The other track ‘The Curse of the Ravens’ has a huge symphonic BM influence, both musically and vocally, much in the vein of COF. The next track ‘Darkness without Pain’ still has tinges of SBM but with that dirty and filthy morphine flavor.  The song build up and the progression is quite brilliant with some sublime solos. ‘Dherai Lajj (Tribute to the legends) which was also featured in our compilation called ‘Occult Science of Metal’ quite frankly is a musical brilliance. A relatively slower number, the track is extremely addictive.  Just like a solved puzzle, every note is striked or placed in its rightful place.
I would sum up the GM’s set as quite brilliant, only few or none will complain, definitely a step forward for the Extreme Metal scene of Darjeeling. I am just hoping that their new releases in future will have more of Gorkha elements in them and produced better than what they have done here..

This is a good split with three bands with three different genres to offer. The cover art could or should have been better, some of the other art provided on the promo pack was extremely invisible and resembles a great deal of negligence . Rest check out for yourself.

You can order the split here.


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