Morbidity hails from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Playing a No bullshit Old School Death Metal the band released their debut EP Pits of Eternal Torment (Review HERE) earlier this year which was no doubt a very solid and heavy slab of pure OSDM assault. I could very easily without much hesitation pick their debut EP as one of the most raw and bad ass release of the year from the bands around the sub continent.

I caught up with Tamzid Hossain a.k.a Defiler (Vocals) for a brief chat which you can read below:

Hello Morbidity, how are things these days?

To be honest, things are going good and bad with Morbidity. As you know we are searching for a new drummer as our previous drummer went abroad. But the good news is we are recording for our upcoming full length which is almost done.
Since, a lot of our readers might be hearing you for the 1st time, just for the sake of formality, how do you describe the kind of music that you play?


Pits of Eternal Torment was a kick ass record, whoever listened to it appreciated it. What can we expect from the new releases?

Yes the demo was really great, really appreciate whoever listened to it. The new album will be total CHAOS that’s all I can say.

Will it be as raw as Pits of Eternal Torment was recording wise?554928_383772631682753_1944446598_n
This will be a studio record album it will be raw but not as much as the demo.

How are things shaping up for the split album? Tell us about the other two bands.

The split album will have two earlier Morbidity demo tracks. The other two bands are killer! Exorcised is from Serbia. Brother Zeljko (exorcised) is really a great musician! And you know Sepulcral from Italy, one of the killer death/doom act of our time.

Lyrically and Musically what inspires Morbidity’s music?

Death, Macabre, Occultism and Darkness inspires Morbidity the most. The lyric goes perfectly with our composition. Musically Morbidity is inspired by the Early Swedish Death Acts.

Lately, I have come across with many killer bands from Bangladesh but, sadly, not much of DM bands. How is the Death Metal scene there? How often do you get to play live?

Yes, Old School Death Metal bands are really obscure in our country. Though we have killer bands like Orator and Nuclear Winter. Keep an eye on their upcoming albums!

DM has come a long way these days, yours being an OSDM how do you take the new subgenres of DM?

Do you mean the New wave of Old School Death Metal? If that so, I really dig the new wave stuff.

And what about the more poppy sub genres of Metal like Metalcore, a lot of Metal heads like to bully this genre?

FUCK METALCORE!!! Those bands need to be mutilated!

Does the genre you play affect the way you live?

Not at all.

Quickly, tell us what you are listening to lately?

I have been listening to Kaamos, Carnage, Nihilist, Ectovoid and Horrendous a lot this days.

Thank you for your time, Any last shoutouts?

Keep an eye on the upcoming releases. It will FUCKING KILL!


-Zivon Gurung

Check Morbidity on Facebook.


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