BORN IN SILENCE, is a band that plays a new breed of Metal, preferably they like to define their music as ‘Nu Metal’ drawing their influences from bands such as Slipknot,Devil Driver, Coal Chamber, Suicide Silence, LOG etc to some Death Metal influences with bands like Nile, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse etc.
Pretty young on the scene, formed in Jan 2012,  they debuted to the live arena with Disharmony 2 and have couple of Originals and have played couple of gigs already. Be prepare to see more of them in future as they are all set to spread chaos their brand of modern Metal and OCs.

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Born in Silence are:

Guddu Grg(Pradip): Vocal,
Rahul Thapa: Bass,
Snzv grg : Drums,
Nikhil grg :Rythm Guitar and
SujanThapa:Lead guitar and
Sujan Pun : Manager

Ex Bassist: Jyus Grg


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