Nuclear Winter is a Thrash band from Bangladesh all set for the Nuclear Annihilation with the release of their debut EP ‘Warborne Assault’ via Wartorn Records (Check out WARTORN RECORDS HERE)
Their promo track ‘Nuke ‘em back to the stone age’ is without delay a strong indication that these Warthrashing Maniacs are all prepare to wipe out the posers off their way! Check the track here:

Our man Sandeep Gururng recently caught up with the band to talk exclusively about ‘WARBORNE ASAULT’. Check below:

How is the band doing at the moment? All gear up for the release?

We are doing real good. Having a quite busy time working on the forthcoming stuffs. Yes, the debut EP is unleashing on the 17th of January and we are absolutely prepared to bring it on.

As a thrash band from the south Asian legion, what can we expect from this album ”Warborne Assault” ?

Warborne Assault is one straight up thrash metal album including some pounding riffs and vocal works. It’s a representation of both straight up thrash and crossover thrash metal. Now-a-days most of the bands sound same in thrash metal which can not be considered as ground breaking or something but we kept that on our mind and tried to deliver something different in this album.

Lyrically what does the EP revolves around?

Lyrics are based on what we actually feel about things which are around us. The lyrical concept of the album is all about constantly occurring measures like warfare, stubborn or immoral religious dogma, terrorism etc.526304_489650544400388_1945332522_n

Very soon your EP is going to be released,how excited is the band?any future plans after the EP release, I mean videos,gigs,etc?

Yeah,we started working for the EP since the earlier of 2012 and now almost after a year finally it’s coming out haha. Definitely, we are very much excited about the release. Loads of news will be coming out soon. So, let’s see.

How did the whole recording process go?fun?any hard times? Give us a little insight, overall, on how things are recording wise in Bangladesh?

The whole recording process went pretty smoothly except the part we faced few technical problems in the studio. Apart from that, it was real fun working in the studio. There are many recording studios in our city here but it’s hard to find one proper expertise on extreme\old school metal music.

Recently we have seen quite a few Thrash releases from Bangladesh (Thrash, Mirrorblaze etc), how do you think ‘Warborne Assault’ is going to be different?

It’s not possible to make a comparison since we haven’t listened to their materials yet. It’s good to see many new bands are coming out but we actually value the originality of thrash metal genre and also we’re constantly trying to provide our followers a primitive sound of thrash metal. Let’s leave the further judgement to the listeners.

Alright, We all are pretty aware that there isn’t a very strong Distro-system as far as Metal releases are concern in our region. How is your label,Wartorn Rec, going to distribute your records? Where can one buy/order it?

The label already took pre-orders from the local and near by maniacs from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Wartorn Rec. operates its production direct from U.S.A and has its own agents in diferent places who will be distributing the cds to different distros in Europe,North\South America and Asia regions.One can buy the cds by ordering via the label page or via the distros who will be getting our cds soon.

We wish you all the best for Warborne Assault and hope we get to see you play here in Nepal soon!! Any last shout outs?

Looking forward to that. Support true metal and burn the posers.



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