Jay Ram has taken the Nepali Metal scene by storm, there is not much doubt about it. Replacing Rishav in Binaash and fulfilling the void was not easy but this young man has done a commendable job. He is also currently involved with Wakk Thuu, a band that was without doubt THE break through band in the scene last year (2012) and various other bands.
We caught with the new DrumMachine in town. Check:

Hello Jay Ram how are you doing?
Hi dai I am doing pretty good.Practicing and practicing my drums..

Right now you are playing drums for bands like Binaash, Wakk Thuu and many other bands. How do you manage to play in all these bands?
Managing time for all these bands was not too difficult for me cause I am a very active and energetic kind of person but nowadays because of loadshedding it is making me kind of difficult to manage but I still manage time and practice with all my bands.

How long have you been playing? You are still so young! Tell us how it all started. Do you have any formal teachers while you were learning to play?
It has just been 2 years and a month I have been playing drums. Before playing drums I used to play guitar and bass and it all started when I was in grade 12.
2 years ago we had a fuction in our college and we were told to form a band and cover a good songs by our college cordinator, we formed the band but we didn’t find any drummer though we searched so hard then after the failure to find a good drummer I thought of siting for drums myself and then I realize playing drums was prety good then I started to learn drumming seriously and from that day I started to play drums.

I did  have a formal teacher and his name was (SURENDRA KOIRALA), but not for a long period of time. My parents didn’t supported me at my home and they stoped giving fees for my drum classes so unfortunately I had to stop my drum classes but I didnt stop playing drums instead I used to download videos from youtube and start learning from there but now I have a formal teacher and his name is Sarthak upadhaya.63771_537548562931773_1834773224d_n

What is your daily practice session like? How many hour a day do you practice?
hhh my daily practice sesion is like; wake up early in the morning and meditate for an hour then I start my practiice session. I always make schdule of my practice, for eg: 7-8 am hand exercise, 8-9 feet exercise, 9-10 my drums assignment and so on…at minimum I practice for 5 hours a day and as much as for 12 hours a day and this sometime have also  resulted making me sick for some couple of days but I parctice alot no matter what…hahaha.

You are involved in so many bands that plays varities of genres. What is your fav genre that you love playing?
I love all genre. I have never been stucked in a particular genres but if I have to choose then my favourite genre that I love playing is death metal and then some funks,reggaes and hiphop too..hahha..

And why do you think there are always less number of drummers compare to the number of guitarists and vocalists?
I dont have any idea on this in fact I dont care about this, the only thing I care about is practice ,practice ,practice ,improve ,practice and practice,hahah I am kind of selfish person not caring anything else but me practicing and playing all the time.hahahha

Girls dig drummers, how true is this?
This one is quite funny actually. I really dont know if girls dig drumer or not nor I care if they dig drumer guitarist or vocalist as I have said above I am kind of selfish person and I only think about drums, practice practice, improve myself and again practice a lot.

Alright, as a drummer what is your ambition at this point of time?
being a young drumer I think I have a age advantage with me so I want to try and master in death metal,funks,reggae, hiphop and jazz drumming and I also want to try out some trance too.

Share with us what drum gears do you use? Do you have any dream drum set up?
I use:
1-zildjian hi-hats
2-meinl crash
3-meinl rides
4-zatra(newari cymbals)
5-xt snares with evans skin.
6-chinese bass,toms and flors with remo skins on it.
I use dw 7000 double pedals which I am going to switch to AXIS A 21 dr series pedals in a month.

Any future/soon to be release stuffs that we should look forward to from you or from the bands you are involved with?
Yes there are a hell lot of things to be come out from the band I am working with, a hell lot of albums ,official videos etc..just stay tuned.

Thank you for your time, any last shout outs?
Thanks zivon dai for the interview and people do check out my offical page in facebook and my bands in facebook, reverbnation and also in band camp. Drummers out there keep practicing. Its practice that is gonna make us all perfect.

Check out his official page in FACEBOOK.


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