Tired of the chocolates, lace, and all the other lovey-dovey stuff that comes with Valentine’s Day? Need that other kind of love—the love of brutalityl?  Then gear up, as on February 14  “ Reminisce event maniac” with the portfolio of number of successful events are on the way for the 14th feb with the event “VALENTINE MASSACRE“(A day Never Before) at Sano Gaucharan Kathmandu,Nepal.553014_276858949106839_705725690_n

The event will headlined by ABOMINABLE CARNIVORE, who is one of the active and brutal black/death metal acts among the lot. The band has been actively gigging around their country for years now and nailed various acclaimed landmarks and recognition.

The other bands performing are bands like Narsamhaar, Vomiting Snake (making their comeback), Wakk Thuu, Dying out Flame etc.

Among the dense cluster of Metal festivals in Nepal, “VALENTINE MASSACRE( A Day Never Before)” is an upcoming open air Metal festival which promises to bring about a change in the live Metal music scene in Nepal. With a long term vision to eradicate genre discrimination and to actually provide a proper platform to the younger bands who are often overlooked, Volume I of valentine massacre will be held in sano gaucharan,kathmandu 14th feb, 2013.

RSVP the event here:

These bands are ready to MASSACRE:

1. ABOMINALBLE CARNIVORE (black/death metal – dhaka, bangladesh)( https://www.facebook.com/abominablecarnivore?ref=ts&fref=ts)2. VOMITING SNAKE (post thrash metal – kathmandu, nepal) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vomiting-snake/118163088207167?fref=ts)

3.NARSAMHAAR (nepali death metal – pokhara)(https://www.facebook.com/Narsamhaar.Nepal?fref=ts)

4.PSYCHIC TOWER (funk rock/ nu-metal- kathmandu) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Psychic-Tower/152509739564?fref=ts)

5.HORNY MONKS (super duper aggressive – kathmandu) (https://www.facebook.com/hornymonks?fref=ts)

6. WAKK THUU (noise- kathmandu)(https://www.facebook.com/WakkThuu?fref=ts)

7. DYING OUT FLAME ( hindu/vedic death metal- kathmandu)(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dying-Out-Flame/278819438819602?fref=ts)

8.CONSEQUENCE (nu/heavy metal – kathmandu)


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