Band: Ground ZeroMortar EP Artwork
From: India
Genre: Old School Thrash
Album: Ground Zero (EP)
Released: Feb 2013
Label: Incanned Production

Rating: 8.5/10

I was just curious and overtly looking forward to listen to this album as soon as I came across with the promo track ‘Ground Reality’ released awhile ago. The album is of much significance for both the band and their label Incanned Production as this is a debut effort for both the parties and it wouldn’t have been a better electrifying presentation of their arrival. Yes, this is Incanned Production and this is MORTAR and they are here for the KILL.

The EP as stated by the band is full of that  old school Thrash vibes. From the Thrashy and grooviness  of the Napalm Messiah to the electrifying Mayhemic assault of the ‘The Human Plague’, this turns out to be a  solid treat for the listeners who dig the genre. A solid combo of stirring fast solos, classic devilish shouts and some heart thumping drumming, there’s barely a dull moment for your neck. ‘Ground Reality’ is definitely the pick of the track from the EP. A severesome thrashy riff that builds into this colossal beast of blast beats and stimulating solos owns the EP and the vocals, which is more passion driven then the right techniques,  delivers the perfect complement to the beast. The EP comes to an end with the classic cover of ‘Hell bent for leather’ by Judas Prist.

It’s an impressive debut EP and the production is decent  if not good compare to other bands from this region playing similar genre.  A great deal of the Teutonic Thrash era influence through the EP is omnipresent. A great release from Incanned Production. Surely we are looking forward to more such kick ass releases in future.


Mortar on Facebook.
Incanned Production on Facebook.

Band Photo


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