FETUS CARNAGE is a Goregrind/Slam Death Metal band based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Merely few months old, formed in Jan 2013, the 644274_412601245492126_724745963_nband has already released two crushing demos Baby Intestine Devourment followed by Splitted Infant Head. The band’s songs are based on Infant killing, Whores/sluts, and all the gore stuffs that make weak-hearted people sick.

Currently (dated 2/25/2013)  the band consists of only two members and are looking for a permanent drummer who likes to play live. For  the two demo tracks the band has collaborated with Zach Krauss (Whore Torture, Severe Disfigurement etc) who has helped the band with drum programming.

Fetus Carnage are:

Kshitiz- Vocals
Rashkrin- Guitars
Zach Krauss- Drums ProgrammingFind the band on:
Listen to Baby Intestine Devourment here:

Listen to Splitted Infant Head here:

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