Band: Blackhour554345_458006707581081_1464294897_n
Genre: Heavy Metal/ Hard rock
From: Pakistan
Album: Age of War
Released: 2012

Rating: 8/10

BlackHour is a Heavy Metal band from Pakistan formed in the year 2007 and Age of War (released late 2012) is their latest offering that is full of numbers that derives huge influences from the Heavy Metal bands of the 80’s though a large traces of modern sound is also present. A heavy dose of Iron Maiden taste is also not surprisingly present as the band cites them as one of their prime influence.

The album is chock-full of those classic Heavy Metal & Hard Rock riffages, brilliant chord progressions and punchy well toned solos. The vocal requires a special point out as it shows a disparity of mild growls, clean voclas to high pitch screaming. ‘Land of Uncertainty’ is a perfect example of this, a well build track that has tiny traces of gothic rock influence aswell. This track along with Salvation, personally for me, is the standout track where the vocals are executed fighting fit and the solos are just ideal adds ons to it. The follow up track, ‘Subliminal Control’ is a monstrous track that starts with more of a war theme intro before exploding into a crunchy riff driven turmoil with those aggressive shouts and screams. ‘Suicide and Comfort’ and ‘The Hourglass’ keeps the momentum of the album intact and are worthy of perhaps more than few listen.
This is a pretty well produced album with some great tunes. You wouldn’t regret the buy. The band in their own word are committed to spread the awareness among the youth, well you may like this idea or find is lame cheesy but this is BLACKHOUR for you with a kick ass Heavy Metal/ Hard Rock album that we wouldn’t refrain to recommend.


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