The notorious lunch box to feed you to death is back.  ‘BRUTAL LUNCH BOX VOL 2 is back with a vengeance. Apart from being crazily kick ass this event is also a Tribute to the 1st Death Metal band of Nepal, UGRA KARMA,who have  re- formed last year and concluded their much anticipated Grinding the Himalayas tour  recently. BLB

For most of you who are not aware of this event then here’s a little info for you all. The event is organized by EXTREME UNDERGROUND METAL SOCIETY OF NEPAL and as per its reputation build on its last edition this is one of the sickest show that you could ever imagine in Nepal. The venue or the date hasn’t been officially fixed yet so you have to wait a while to make any plans regarding the event  but meanwhile till its announced you can take some time to work   on your actions and the way you behave in concerts because Clapping’ according to EUMSN is extremely not allowed and you will be thrown out if found doing that. No CLAPS only Shouting and Horns!!

All the performing bands have been announced though and this 2nd edition will be Headlined by Nepali/Old School Death Metal powerhouse NARSAMHAAR (Pokhara). The Co-Headliners are BROKEN HYMEN (Death Metal / Blackened Death)and DYING OUT FLAME (Death/Vedic Metal). According to the sources Broken Hymen will be playing with their original guitarist who recently had a fatal accident and still has some physical deficiency. So as a true supporter of this magnificent legion we called Underground, we urge everyone to respect and appreciate his will to play despite his limitations.

Other sick bands playing are:

– Aakrosh “
-Serpent Gaze – “
-Raging Into Slut – “
-Eclipse – “
-Viral- “

The Event will also see the formation of two different bands formed by the members of the playing bands who will cover some classic UGRA KARMA songs and yeah no fucking points for guessing, the two original member of the band along with the new members will be  there to witness the tribute.

RSVP the event on facebook HERE.


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