Brutal Pokhara has officially released  GAURAV ROKASAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND’s debut EP SHISHU HATYAA!!!’ todays as a free download over the internet. You can download the EP here:

SHTMLF‘ is a one man side project of Gaurav Roka who handles bass duties for the Darjeeling based extreme Metal pioneers ‘GRUNGY MORPHINS; The Gorkha Metal Warriors’ and When Stories End .The Ep l contain 5 songs including a cover of Mortician‘s Zombie Apocalypse. One on the track from the EP was already released as free download on BRUTAL POKHARA Soundcloud page and you can listen the track here:

“Except for Makachut Zombie!!! ,all the riffs in other tracks are done with a Bass guitar. Its a home made production so please don’t expect well polished good sound quality, all I wanted to do was to experiment with the OLD SCHOOL way of recording and I fucking like the way it sounds” explains Roka, who is now a proud endorsee of the BlakHart Guitars, USA. He further adds that ‘this part of the world will soon witness the goregrind music in our very own style,the Nepali Style’.


1.Makachut Zombie!!!
2.Shishu Hatya!!!
3.Bhok Lageyo!!!
4.Guu Kha!!!
5.Zombie Apocalypse(Mortician cover)!!!








  1. a a hhaahahaa makachot zombie- hahahhahaa oooowaaaaa masoo vana koo meethoo hun cha nii hoo amboo hami pani kham naa

    1. April ma khanu payincha!!

  2. Pratik Ghataney · · Reply

    Awesome ! Without trying to sound a “know-it-all-sissy-pussy”, it sounds more like slam-death-gore instead of gore-grind … but it’s brOOtal and ear-sevaring… makes me want to go f567 a dead non-human and then masticate by own “family jewels” !!!

  3. nawal rai · · Reply

    song ko tittle haru ta hebbii cha tah ,,.

    makachut zombiee ….
    guu kha ..


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